Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chilly intervals

Taking it as it comes is going well at present. Essentially that means mostly slow easy runs and an attempt to focus on some long intervals at the track once a week. No pressure though, show up at track, do a warm up jog and IF that feels okay start the session and IF that feels okay finish the session. Bruce (enjoying some rather nice French sunshine at present) suggested I back off the pace a bit and that worked a treat tonight. I set the watch to beep at me every 200m. For the 2000m that was @4:30 min/K pace, the 1600m @4:25 min/K pace and the 1200m @4:20 min/K pace. I ran a little quick at the start of each interval, but then settled into the right pace and nailed each one AND felt good throughout. The HR data are good, I was at about the right intensity for this kind of session. I also enjoyed doing this session in my Inov-8 230s. Good strong runs by Heidi, Maria and Julia, who were all there a little earlier than me. We also had our Olympian training buddy showing us how it's really done running 6 x 1km intervals with Tim Rowe (all sub 3min/K pace and progressively quicker). It definitely was not shorts and singlet weather at the track!

Awesome Speedy Olympian!

Latest Training:
Saturday - hilly run, not much energy. 9.5K @6:15min/K, HRav 138bpm. Rate 1.5/3
Sunday - 13.2K run, felt okay first 5K and then had to really slow down. 6:20min/K. HRav 133bpm.
Total for week 51K
Monday - lunchtime gym session, evening jog 5K @6:10 min/K, HRav 122bpm. Rate 2/3
Tuesday - 2.3K warm up, 4 x 100m strides, Long intervals 2000m @8:54, HRav 154bpm; 1600m @7:03, HRav 154 bpm; 1200m @5:09, HRav 157 bpm. 2.2K cool down. Rate 3/3 :-)

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  1. Wow - 3/3! Looks like the 'taking it as it comes' plan is working well. You'll have to patent that one. Nice running and track session.

    Marty is trying to acclimatise for London - it's going to be freezing in the UK by the time the Olympics come round!

    Go Blues!!