Sunday, July 8, 2012


32:23 must be someone's awesome 10K PB. For me it is my number for City2Surf, arriving in the mail on Thursday. A great number with the whole palindrome thing going on :-).

I'm sure it will be a great weekend where a number of us will combine running C2S as well as celebrating Minnie's birthday. Maybe someone will manage a 64:46? That won't be me, I'll be there enjoying running in an event I've never run in before. 14K may have been an easy distance to race pre-fatigue. However, now I'll be happy if I can get to the finish without falling into a fatigue-heap.

The lovely nurse Minnie
Running has been mostly quite pleasant as I continue in 'take it as it comes' mode. The muscles are happier and oddly I really look forward to the short jogs I've been doing on gym days. They are short enough and slow enough to not hurt, that's really good for my head space.

Latest Training:
Wednesday - gym session, 5K jog @6:10 min/K, HRav 123bpm. Rate 2/3
Thursday - lap around Black Mountain 11.7K @6min/K, HRav 138bpm. Rate 2/3
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 5K warm up then 4 x 5 min hilly reps (run slowly HRav 142, 156, 153, 155) + 2K cool down for total of 11.2K. Rate 1.5/3
Sunday - long run with Heidi, Maria and Tori. 15.5K hilly @6min/K, HRav 152bpm, feeling very knackered post run, like I've run 30K :-/.  Rate 1.5/3
Total for week 58K


  1. That would've been a very lucky number in 2002. You'll enjoy it running from the red group - theoretically no one slower than 5 minute k pace, so a nice open start & no need to line up early. I'd be happy with 68:86!

  2. A very lucky number for who ET? Maybe in 1991 as well? Yes I expect to be at the back of the pack in the red group. Maybe with a bit of a taper I'll be able to have a go at sub 5/K for 14K? Otherwise it will be nice to see what all the fuss is about re C2S :-).

    1. Lucky for anyone. Palindromic things are lucky. Back of the red group is a good place to start. With a 3/3 run you should be OK for sub-70. It's a 1:30 to 2 minute negative split course so you can be 36+ at 7k (there's a clock) and run 69+. You can be slow at 10k too (another clock) - I was 50:44 there and ran 69:16. I'm #4745 - don't think it means I'm running 47:45!

  3. Not a bad jav distance when the track season rocks around again?