Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taken out by the lurgi

I understand just where Mimi is coming from!

It's been 5 days since my last run. I was hit by the dreaded lurgi that has been circulating around Canberra. It's a sneaky little sucker. I was off work for 2 days and thought that was the worst of it, wrong! Fortunately it is mostly upper respiratory and by sensibly not running it will hopefully fade into the background, just as long as it gives me back my voice! Hence, it's blown a BIG hole in my training plan. I have had a couple of gentle gym sessions, but otherwise it's been a big fat ZERO since last Tuesday. I plan to venture out for a run tomorrow - Sunday to see how the body feels.

Latest Training:
Thursday - Longish run of 13K at a bit below LT pace - Rate 2/3
Friday - Gym weights session
Saturday - long hilly intervals 4 x 5 mins, total 11K - Rate 1.5/3, feeling flat
Sunday - Gym weights session
Monday - Long intervals - 4 x 6 min, total of 11K with warm up and cool down - Rate 2/3 for intervals, 1/3 for the cool down.
Tuesday -  OFF greeted by lurgi upon awakening
Wednesday - gentle gym session with weights
Thursday - OFF, lurgi well and truly in charge, the perfect birthday pressie ..... not!
Friday - OFF not feeling particularly good
Saturday - gentle gym session with weights, feeling much better except for the loss of voice.

Upcoming running plans were to include the cross country championships Saturday June 16th.  I have not been able to run in these for the last couple of years and thought I could finally participate. Alas I am so undercooked that I may again be cheering from the sidelines. I'll see how my Tuesday session goes and decide then!

Other events approaching include City2Surf in August - first time for a bit of fun.  Heids is thinking of running Sutherland2Surf in July and would like some company. I'm all for it if I can bounce back from Mr Lurgi.


  1. I'm thankful mine was Ms Lurgi, not Mr - she was soft. Yeah, see how you go this week - you might bounce back quickly. I'll be cheering you on at the CC Champs - I'm not old enough for the 8k ;) Sutherland to Surf would be a good hit-out for C2S. I'm a bit nervous about the latter - sub-70 isn't that easy.

  2. Thanks ET. Mr Lurgi is hanging on, I'm still not feeling great and the run yesterday was okay until ~8K and then it was all downhill. Probably wise to forget XC champs and just focus on S2S and C2S.