Friday, June 29, 2012


That's my estimate of where I am sitting post-injury/fatigue. The body is firing around 75% of its former self and it's been sitting there for a while. This could be a good thing as it isn't really going backwards. The lurgi did knock me around more than I anticipated and even now there is a persistent cough. However, I did manage a good long interval session at the track last Tuesday inspired by several speedy thoroughbreds training like Black Caviar. Although BC is more of a 'sprinter' while those at the track were much more 'stayers'. Including one of our local Olympians - Marty Dent.

All gimmick and proved very effective advertising!
The session included 2000m, 1600m then 1200m. I set my watch to beep me through each 200m @ 4:20 min/K pace. The 2000m felt easy and I stayed on pace, the 1600m was a bit tougher, but I mostly maintained the pace, during the 1200m I was hit with a high stitch (just under the diaphragm) and had to break it into a couple of shorter intervals. A good session all things considered!

Otherwise training has been a mix of short jogettes, gym sessions and the odd hard or longish session. The jogettes are mostly enjoyable as they are all about going super slow and easy. It looks like I may be able to handle a single hard session each week and will see how that goes - so much for Plan C!!

Latest Training:
Monday - gym session and 4.2K jog @6:30 min/K, HRav 125bpm - Rate 2/3
Tuesday - 2K jog warm up, 4 x 100m strides, long intervals: 2000m - 8:39, HRav 158bpm; 1600m - 6:57, HRav 163bpm, 400m x 2 @ 4:20 pace (interrupted by stitch); 1.8K jog cool down - Rate 2.5/3
Wednesday - gym session and 4.3K jog @6:30 min/K, HRav 126bpm - Rate 2/3
Thursday - lap around Black Mountain 11.7K @6 min/K, HRav 138bpm - Rate 1.5/3
Friday - OFF  


  1. It's ok to do that session a little slower Janene, although you were looking quite strong on Tuesday. Only a suggestion but if you run at 4:30s and allow yourself to slip under if you are feeling ok you will notice a slow improvement over a few weeks and take pressure off yourself at the same time.

    1. Thanks SBx. That sounds like good advice. The watch is reset :-)

  2. No wonder Black Caviar only just got over the line -- she pulled a hammy getting into the suit!

    75% is headed in the right direction. Keep the no pressure training rolling along and 90+% will come up as sure as the weather is always perfect in southern Queensland ;)

    1. A poorly fitting compression suit could contribute to an underlying injury. Bandages applied too tightly to horse legs have been known to blow a tendon.

      It depends on when you are in Southern Qld as to how perfect that weather is ;-). A good thing you are there at the right time, or are you .......?