Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plan C - run q 48 hours

Perseverance is my middle name, so I refuse to let this annoying fatigue thing stop me running. I will accept that I must change the way I train and take a more recovery-based approach, hence Plan C (actually a modification of Plan A way back when :-)). There are a number of training plans out there that use a 2 week cycle over the more traditional 1 week cycle. If I take a similar approach, that makes it easier for me to get some quality sessions, but at the same time make every other day a recovery day, i.e. run q 48 hours :-).

The plan I have come up with is something along these lines, recognising that I will need to juggle for some preferred events and also if there are any other problems. I will take advantage of some of the OFF days and do a bit of weight training (plus it's nice to get outside at lunch time).

Week 1
Mon - OFF
Tues - Long intervals session @track
Wed - OFF
Thurs - Longish easy run
Fri - OFF
Sat -  Group training session - long hill reps.
Sun - OFF +/- bike ride
Week 2
Mon - Long intervals of some sort
Tues - OFF
Wed - Easy moderate length run
Thurs - OFF
Fri - Short hill reps.
Sat - OFF +/- bike ride.
Sun  - Long run 

It will be interesting to see how it goes and what the level of fatigue is like with more enforced rest days. So far for the first week of q 48  hours, Monday I took off and Tuesday I did a 1K rep session. I think the day off helped and the session went reasonably well considering how flat I felt over the weekend. After the warm up I donned the inov8 shoes that caused me grief a couple of weeks ago and the calves were fine :-).

Latest Training:
Monday - OFF
Tuesday - Warm up, 4 x 100m strides, 3 x 1K repetition with 90 sec recovery. 4:10 HRav 157bpm, 4:15 HRav 160bpm, 4:15 HRav 160bpm and a jog cool down. Got rather cold and that made me keep the session at 3 reps rather than 4.
Wednesday - OFF, tried out Club Lime in Civic for a short lunch time weights session, the hammies won't be happy on Thursday :-(!


  1. The OFF days are no aerobic exercise at all (no cross-training)? My tendency would be to make the 'Longish easy run', 'easy moderate length run' and 'long run' harder or more purposeful - perhaps by running a marathon-paced tempo section in the middle or run them at marathon pace + a bit or run them as progression runs - starting at 6+ mins/k and working down to 5 mins/k.

    There doesn't seem to be enough aerobic volume there (incl cross-training) for it to work long-term. In the short term your race times might improve.

    1. Thanks for the comments ET. The programme is a work in progress. Based on the last 6 months, I can't handle volume and cross training on OFF days won't allow recovery. Long runs will become progression runs IF the body can handle it. While it isn't common, there are some people that run well on a lot less volume. It's tougher as a masters runner and it's a matter of finding what the body can tolerate for optimal performance. Bear in mind that there will some volume padding out the various interval sessions. Week 2 will be the higher volume week. That said, we need to stop thinking in 'weeks'. It could be that the total volume for each microcycle (2 weeks for me) will be pretty good.

    2. Fair enough. My reasoning for the above was that I thought the fatigue was 'muscular' and if you were cross-training using different muscles then it wouldn't be such a problem.

      Yes, there are many examples of 'low' volume fast masters - Kathy Southgate, Sabra Harvey who are running 50-60ish k weeks, even Steve Moneghetti on about 100k a week now.