Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Night and day

I had a horrific run on Sunday. It was a fatigue day with my muscles telling my brain to stop, yet the heart rate was low and the pace slow, slow, slow. I'm still unsure just how to handle these days. Should I stop and go home, or just stick with it as best I can? So far I have mostly stuck with it, but followed up with a rest day of some sort. I decided to use Tuesday as a test day and was pleasantly surprised! Everything felt quite good and I managed to cruise through the 1K reps on just under goal pace. Yep, Sunday and Tuesday were night and day! 

Latest Training:
Friday - Easy 6K (forgot watch, no other data available), legs a bit weary still. 1.5/3
Saturday - 5K warm up, 4 x 5:20min hilly reps and jog back cool down. Legs weary. 2/3
Sunday - 17K @ 6:09 min/K, HRav 122 bpm, 0.5/3 - crappola run! Total for week 67K
Monday - Off
Tuesday - 5.4K warm up with strides, 3 x 1K reps 4:11 (157bpm), 4:14 (161 bpm), 4:13 (162 bpm); 1K cool down. 3/3 - a good session. Total for session 9.8K.


  1. If it's a long run I'd stick with it as best you can. Try slowing down to very slow jogging (6:30/k or slower) or even throw in walking breaks. My experience is that I back up well the next day from very slow jogging runs - even the crappy horrible ones.

    If it's fatigue during tempo running or intervals I'd switch the session to easy running. BTW, nice times on the 1ks!

  2. Thanks ET. It seems that many of my fatigue runs are happening during planned slower or long runs. Glad to hear you back up well the day after. I still need a day off (but I'm not trying to maintain a running streak ;-) ). Now if only I could string a number of that 1ks together!

    1. You probably could for a 3000m race, so 12:38 or so is your current form? Depends how hard you were going of course. If I could run 4 or just under I'd be confident of running 12 or just under in a race. In the old days I think I ran intervals harder (raced them), so 3 x 1k in 3:10 only gave me 10-flat in a race.

    2. If all the ducks lined up in a row, I might be able to string some together. Those times were paced, not raced. I calculated the pace as being right for those kind of intervals based on my recent 5K and 10K times. I'll just keep chipping away slowly and hope for a good set of ~4min reps in the not tooooo distant future :-), pending fatigue of course.

  3. Good 1 km times, I'll take them if up for sale.