Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun run #3 Mother's Day Classic

I revised my plans and chose to do the Mother's Day Classic 10K rather than the YCRC half marathon. The level of fatigue continues to be unpredictable making the idea of 21.1K around LBG rather daunting. It will be more sensible to build up to that kind of distance gradually (seriously though, this is indeed a  S L O W gradual process trying to get back to where I was pre injury/fatigue :-/). Instead the plan was to try for sub 47 for the 10K. On a good day, quite possible, on a bad day ........ As it turns out the conditions were quite tough with a strong north west wind, making the little climb onto Commonwealth Bridge just a bit more challenging. During my warm up I could tell my legs weren't 100% committed. When not being blasted by the wind I was easily on pace, but couldn't  hold it in the wind. First 5K were 23:25, so quite a bit of time lost in the 2nd 5K - finishing in 47:30. Considering the conditions and the 15K yesterday, a pretty good result.

In memory of my beautiful mother - 1944-2010
Latest Training:
Wednesday - 11.2K gentle run around central basin LBG + Telopea school @ 5:38 min/K, HRav 134bpm. Felt 2/3 at the start, then some fatigue crept in 1.5/3 from half way.
Thursday - Headed into the smoke only to be diverted by little fires around Black Mountain. 12.3K @ 5:55min/K and HRav 139bpm. Rate 1.5/3.
Friday - Just a short lap around central basin LBG. 7.3 @ 5:54min/K HRav 129. Rate 1.5/3, tired legs
Saturday - Pleasantly surprised by legs once they warmed up. Lovely 15.3K loop around Black Mountain with Heidi, Minnie and Bella. Took it easy in anticipation of planned hard 10K on Sunday. 5:50min/K, HRav 132bpm. Rate 2/3.
Sunday - 2.8K warm up then 10K in 47:30, HRav 154, cool down 1K. Rate 2/3.
Total for the week- 70K


  1. Conditions weren't the best on Sunday (yes, that's an understatement). Jim said he had a headwind on Kings and Commonwealth bridges! Times for the 5k were slow too. I was expecting Rachel to be under 19 (she's run 38:59 for 10k).

    1. I'd call it a crosswind on Kings. I don't think we got as much of a tail wind due to shelter on the north side of the lake. It will be interesting to see the times.