Sunday, May 27, 2012


A favourite acronym of mine. Today it refers to the fact that I'm still dealing with episodes of unexplained running-induced fatigue. One expects to feel pain when pushing hard, but when out doing those 'easy' runs with a low HR, why does it hurt? My response is FIIK! Something at the muscular level isn't quite right. The up side is it could be a lot worse and running could just grind to a halt. However, if this is now the 'norm' for me, then marathon training is not going to happen. The thought of doing a 2-3 hour training run fighting fatigue the whole time holds ZERO appeal.

It was the monthly ACTVAC handicap today on a glorious late autumn morning, the sun was shining and the breeze was mild. I've not run this course before and it's a bit of a tough one, easy on the way out, NOT easy on the way back. I wasn't expecting a great run today based on the last week and yes, nothing to write home about. That said, it was a wonderful morning to be out there amongst it. Plenty of good runs to be had by those that train consistently :-).

Masters Athletics in the ACT are currently in a bit of strife. ACTVAC is without a President or Secretary and the club could fold if those positions aren't filled. I worked on the executive committee a couple of years ago and it has got to be one of the most frustrating committees to be on. Personally I find the approach the club takes very antiquated, it is a bureaucratic nightmare. Seriously, if they want younger people in the club to step up, then there will need to be some BIG changes. It is easier working on a subcommittee and that is where I will stay. Interesting times lie ahead, we may have NO committees/sub-committees in 4 weeks time!

Latest Training:
Mon - 9.2K loop around Little Black Mountain - calves nearly fully recovered. Rate 2/3 HRav - 132bpm
Tues - Tempo run as 1K rep session not on. Total distance 8.1K HRav 143bpm. Rate 2/3.
Wed - Late run today. Not feeling particularly good. 11.3K. Rate 1.5/3, HRav 135bpm
Thurs - Long intervals today. 2K warm up then 4 x 6min hardish with 1min recoveries. All in the 4:40 to 4:50min/K range and HR in the mid 150bpm range. Jog back to start was tough. Session rates 1/3. None of the recovery jogs felt good in this session.
Fri - A gentle 5K trundle to get outside. HRav 123bpm. Rate 1/3
Sat - Had planned a flat trail run locally, but local trails closed for Roo cull :-(. Went to Mt Ainslie and did a slow and uncomfortable lap - 14.3K, HRav 132bpm with screaming fatigue most of the way. Rate 0.5/3
Sun  - 1.5K warm up, then 7.5K handicap in 39:27 with HRav 151bpm. Like yesterday just couldn't push much at all. Rate 1/3. Followed by yummy brunch with good company :-). Also did a gym session, fatigue is not an issue with weights work.  Total for week 69K.


  1. Must agree, I intend to only stay on a subcommittee where decisions can be made without undue process. Must be hard not knowing how any training session is going to go.
    Hang in there, surely one day it will change for the better. Then I will never catch you, at least I have half a chance at the moment.

    1. Thanks TF. Yes, it is much more satisfying being on a sub-committee. That said, if we don't get a functioning main committee then it will be sayonaro ACTVAC and all the associated sub-committees.
      I will hang in there, but I'm going to cut back and give myself lots more rest days and see if that spring in my step returns :-).

  2. I must be FIICK as I don't know what that acronym means.

    Strange about the fatigued Saturday run. All I can think of is that presently you need more than one easy day to recover from 4 x 6 min hard intervals. If you need to stick to that schedule, maybe an easier effort (marathon pace rather than 5k pace) for the intervals would help? 5 minute ks rather than 4:30s.

    Maybe those jobs aren't all that attractive? At least the distance runners still have the YCRC for regular races and the track dudes have ACT Aths for competition.

    1. So then ET that must be FIYK what FIIK means ;-).
      Yes there is no doubt that I am not getting adequate recovery. It's just a shame that when I run S L O W that it hurts and that it doesn't allow me to have an active recovery. Time for Plan C which will be a bit like PLAN A way back when. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and run less frequently and have passive recovery days every 2nd day. i.e. run every other day no matter what.

    2. Sounds like a plan. See how you go. So the 'hurt' is muscle-type fatigue rather than overall body tiredness? If so, then upper body cross-training that's aerobic could work (where you're not using your legs), so swimming or a rowing machine perhaps? If I wasn't running so much I'd buy a Kickbike for cross-training -

    3. Thanks for the feedback ET. I have 3 and a half bikes in my garage, so adding a kick bike probably isn't necessary :-). I have seen a kid in my neighbourhood scooting around on one having lots of fun. The Run Faster book by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald has a couple of Masters training plans one for 10K and one for the marathon based on running only 3 days per week with some cross training. I think I'll slightly modify the marathon one and see how I get on. I'm not a fan of swimming/rowing so will do gym on off days and the odd bike ride on weekends. Yes the hurt is muscular, I feel fine when I stop.

    4. I like the idea of a kickbike (haven't tried one) as you'd be working the legs and cardio fairly hard (on a flat surface) all the time whereas on a pushy there's a lot of coasting.

      I know someone who swears by this book for 3 days a week running + cross training: