Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is fair to say that I have a bit of an obsession about exercise science. Probably not surprising as I spent several years working on a PhD that focused on equine exercise physiology. Not much of a useful skill in the big picture, but pretty fascinating. I have a 'small' collection of books with my most recent purchases looking at the running literature. So many books and so many ideas. The fundamentals remain the same, but it just highlights how each athlete (human or equine!) has their own quirks and individual responses to training. There is the tendency to copy what the latest and greatest athlete does. It's pretty clear in the literature that a lot of the same things are simply recycled. Often just jazzed up with new terminology. The key is to find what works for you and build on that, seeking a bit of guidance along the way. I love trawling all these books soaking up information.

Some of the running books in my exercise science library
Latest Training:
Monday -  Off
Tuesday - Interval session supposed to be 4 x 1K. Actual session 2 x 1K (4:01 and 4:16) 1 x 400 (98), 1 x 300 (71) and 1 x 400 (94). Went out too hard on the first 1K interval and blew up for the rest of the session. Based on my recent 5K and 10K performances, these 1K intervals should probably be around 4:15 pace. Total distance with warm up, strides, cool down - 10K. Despite blowing up I rate this session as 2/3 (no P)
Wednesday - 9.3K easy run @5:40K/min HRav 132 bpm, start of run 2/3, end of run 1/3 - tired and sore from the Tues session, really dragged my arse home over the last 3K (no P).
Thursday - 11.8K @ 5:45K/min HRav 133 bpm around my fav Black Mountain loop. I bumped into Miranda and Andrew walking part of the loop after reading about it in a previous post on this blog. Miranda agrees it's a pretty special trail :-). DOMS (from Tues) and still a bit tired. It took a while into the run before it felt okay (possibly the P kicking in). Started at 1.5/3 and then ended up around 2/3.


  1. Good collection. I won't have to borrow Daniels' Running Formula or 'Run Faster'.

    Agree that individualising the training plan is the most important thing to do in order to maximise results. Even elite runners running 'the same' time for a marathon (say, 2:05 or 2:20) have differences in training (both large and small).

  2. I don't have any books at all on running. Too busy running to read about running. It's pretty basic the training part, the rest of it is way above my level.

  3. Loved the Black Mt trail, although we got diverted shortly after we met you and climbed up the summit track by mistake (great views though). Hope to run it now (not the summit bit...!!) Thanks for the advice. Miranda