Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two left feet

I had a good laugh at work on Thursday when I went to gather my shoes for my lunch time run. Alas I obviously wasn't paying too much attention when I bagged them at home.

Two left shoes for a runner that often runs like she has two left feet!

It must have been a subliminal message. I had some old shoes at work that I could use, but even so I ran like I had 2 left feet as I managed to trip over at one point during my run around Black Mountain. As it turns out I was also thinking about falls when running. Message to self, "Don't think about falling while running, while running!" That said, there was no damage done, no blood, unlike poor Cathy today at the handicap, she did yet another CJ.

It was a stunning day for the monthly handicap at Majura Nature Park. Lots of good runs by friends on a tough course!

Latest Training:
Monday -  Off
Tuesday - after a ~2K warm up and 4 x 100m strides,  did 3 x 1km intervals with approx 1 min recovery in between. Intervals were 4:14, 4:15 and 4:12, just a bit harder than tempo. Conditions were windy and cold. HR sat around 160bpm for each interval. Felt like a fish out of water at this sess :-/.
Wednesday - Off. It was one of those days with an ice cold wind that went straight through you and wouldn't let up. I stayed curled up at home with a good book. I'm struggling with motivation at present.
Thursday - the day of 2 left feet! A lap around Black Mountain. 11.8K @ 5:30min/K and HRav 143bpm, a good LT run. Rating 3/3
Friday - A circuit around central basin and past Telopea school. 11K @ 5:35min/K and HRav 136bpm. Lagging a bit. Rating 2/3
Saturday -  Chose to do a long run today as the monthly handicap is on Sunday this week. 17.2K @ 6min/K and HRav 130bpm. Started run with a 1.5/3 rating and a side stitch for first few kms. Then gradually things improved to a rating of 2/3.
Sunday - 2K warm up jog then the ACTVAC handicap 10K @ 5:14 min/K and HRav of 152bpm.  Legs were tired (as shown in the HR data) from the long run and wheels came off at the 3K to go marker.  Not a great time, but a course PB by 3.5 mins (not hard to do based on the previous 2 performances!).  Rating 1.5/3.
Total mileage for the week 58K. A bit low due to 2 days off. Cruising speed is starting to slowly get a bit quicker.


  1. If only they made training shoes in the colours of your spikes ;-)

    That's not too bad a week - good times for the 1ks. Always going to be hard to race well the day after a long run.

    How come your rating system is out of 3? If out of 5, you could save 5/5 for a brilliant session.

    1. Yes ET it is a shame my spikes don't match my other shoes!
      I'm not backing up at all at present. Any moderate or hard runs result in me feeling tired the following day. In the past I could do a 30K run the day before the handicap and still run well in the handicap.
      Does it really matter if it is 3 or 5? There are halves and 3 could be the brilliant session and last Thursday felt brilliant compared to everything I've done of late. 2.5 could be very good and then down it goes from there :-).