Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time to shine

With Easter approaching, there will be a number of friends and running buddies putting themselves to the test at AMA National Athletic Championships this Easter long weekend. I hope to pop down to Melbourne for a couple of days to watch my good friend Heidi shine in the 800m and1500m. These are two events she has really made her own! It's been a long time coming as she missed out competing last year due to a stress fracture. This year she is primed and in excellent shape to smash her PBs and collect some bling. There are other talented friends I will be cheering for, naturally! Hopefully I will get some good photos and video coverage to do them justice!

Here's hoping the Easter Bunny brings some BLING!

It's been a few days of basic running training with easy runs on Mon and Tues post-fun run. Wed was a long interval session, although not really to plan due to warm conditions and tiredness from one of those restless nights sleepwise. I limited my P use to just Wed.

Latest Training:
Monday - 11K central basin + Telopea School loop @ 5:43min/K, HRav 137 bpm.
Tuesday - 11.7K Black Mountain circuit - quite warm! @ 6 min/K HRav 138 bpm
Wednesday - 4 x 6 min intervals with 1 min active recovery between each rep. First 2 reps @ 4:30min/K; 2nd 2 reps @ 4:50min/K. 2K warm up and 2K cool down. This session was a struggle and the third interval involved a couple of stops at the drinking fountain!


  1. Give Heidz a cheer for me. She should do well. Don't get too excited - try and keep the camera still ;-)

  2. What a lovely gesture JKK, it will certainly be nice for the team to have someone cheering them on...Give them all our best wishes and enjoy your time in Melbourne :-)


  3. All the best to those at AMA champs over Easter. I still don't understand the logic in the Wednesday training given the struggle & what you are trying to achieve. Better, I think with lots more of Monday & Tuesday sessions over winter. Not as exciting but a better aerobic base leading into next spring & summer. Speed will return easy off a big base of winter running.

  4. Thanks ET, GT and TF for your comments. Much appreciated. I have passed on the best wishes to friends here competing in Melbourne.
    TF - the logic is to get faster, you need to include some sessions of running a bit faster. Same ol same ol doesn't help improve pace (I've tried that in the past!). It would have been better to do the session a bit later in the week. However, with the trip to Melbourne, I needed to get it out of the way before I headed off. No more intervals now until after the 10K fun run that will no doubt challenge me!