Sunday, April 22, 2012

Running tired

It was an easier week this week as the body was a little tired from the 76K week. However, the good news is there was no significant fatigue, the body was just a bit sluggish and slow.

My favourite lunchtime loop around Black Mountain
I ran Monday after the big weekend and as expected it was tough going. These runs are good for training outside of the comfort zone, focusing on form while a bit fatigued, like at the end of a marathon. Matt Fitzgerald talks about this in his book 'Run. The mind-body method of running by feel'. From the book "your neuromuscular system learns new patterns that increase your resistance to stride deterioration and increase your running efficiency in a rested state." "The objective is to subject yourself to judicious doses of fatigued running in training."

Tuesday was a well earned day off. Wednesday was a lap around my favourite Black Mountain loop, with a happy recovered body. Thursday involved some long intervals and Friday was an easy recovery day. Saturday was group training doing 3 x 5min hilly intervals with jog recover and Sunday was a long run that started with the 2.0 litre runners, my little 1.5 litre engine couldn't keep up. I ran a bit longer than the 2.0 litre group and joined them for brunch a bit later :-).

Latest Training:
Monday - 7.2K easy @ 6min/K, HRav 130bpm
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - 11.8K @5:50min/K, HRav 133 bpm
Thursday - 2K warm up, 4 x 6min intervals with 1 min jog recovery followed by jog cool down - 9.1K
Friday -7.2K easy @5:55min/K, HRav 125 bpm
Saturday - 5K warm up then 3 x 5min intervals (HRav around 150bpm/interval) - 5.1K
Sunday - 15.8K long hilly run @6min/K HRav 132bpm. Total for week 65K


  1. Nice week J. I wondered where that BM loop went. Nice course! Thought you might have run up to the 'scenic' trail near the top. Silly thought though - I know you're a track and road racer ;-)

  2. I would have gone to the top of the mtn Ewen, just for the view.

  3. The bird life is out in force around this loop. I was treated to a kookaburra duet last week. You don't need to seek a view when you can soak up such great surroundings :-).

    1. The bird life down by the lake is pretty good too - not this morning though - too bloody cold!

  4. There were the most beautiful swans flying over the lake when I was running there this morning.