Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun run #2

The 10K run fun went reasonably well. I had hoped to get in under 47 mins, but as I couldn't figure out the km markers and got the half way point mixed up, I ran 'blind' and finished in 47:26. Fatigue wasn't an issue (I did take some pre-race P). Listening to the body and taking off days as needed is no doubt helping. I'm not sure what to target as fun run #3, but may try a 'tempo' half marathon (YCRC in May) if I bounce back from this week's efforts.

An awesome cheer squad that included Stu, Lou, Scott and Gramps (taking the photo)

Latest Training:
Friday - 9.2K easy run around central basin and Lennox Gardens. This included a couple of 10K pace intervals of 5 mins and 7.5 mins (I misread the watch for that 2nd one). The legs felt good leaving me optimistic about Saturday.
Saturday - 2.3K warm up, 10K @ 47:26, HRav 159, 1K cool down and chat with the cheer squad.
Sunday - 21.16K hilly trail run (a half marathon!) @6:10min/K, HRav 131bpm. As I 'raced' the 10K yesterday, I chose to do this run very easily. There was none of that undefined fatigue, but I did take P pre-run. Presently I can't even imagine those 30K runs needed in marathon training!
Total for the week: 76K :-)


  1. Good 10k - especially considering it was in the midst of a 76k week and run on that horrible course.

    I haven't made the videos yet. Thanks for following my direction to run into an open part of the field so your running form could be closely examined ;-)

  2. Thanks ET. Technically the 10K wasn't in the midst of a 76K week, the big run came later! I felt that long run today and will take a break tomorrow (phew no running streak to maintain). Direction? What direction?

    1. I'm the Quentin Tarantino of running videos. In this particular one I wanted all the stars to be running in clear space.

  3. Well Mr Tarantino, I look forward to your production.

  4. It's done! Editors deserve more money. Notice how I directed you into open space. Also how my steady-cam failed when I walked backwards thinking I was about to be flattened. And how many people are in your wake! You're not a bad runner.

  5. Ah yes well done Mr Tewentino. I'm glad I started at the front, there were indeed a lot of people running! I'm such an asymmetrical runner! Heel strike on right, mid foot to toe landing on the left.I will have to work on fixing that, plus the tendency to collapse at the hips. That explains some of the current niggles.