Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun Run #1

The fun run season is now upon us and I participated in my first one for the month (and year for that matter) - the Women and Girls 5K Fun Run. It was a stunning morning for it with the sun shining and only a gentle breeze. The goal was to see if I could run under 23 minutes on this undulating course. As per my previous post, I dosed up on paracetamol and hoped to be fatigue free. It worked, my watch said 5.1K and time 22:55. We will see once the official results come out (net time 22:51). I even managed to scrape into the top 30, finishing 28th. Lots of awesome performances by friends and training buddies. Lou came in 5th (19:13), Kathy S won the W60 (22:15), Kathy SG (20:18) won the W55, with Maria 2nd (22:06), Helen L won the W50 (21:56) and KT won the W45 (20:27). Lots of other ACTVAC runners in the top end of the field. It was nice to have our male friends on the sidelines cheering :o).

Two very speedy W55s, Kathy Southgate and Maria O'Rielly
Latest Training:
Friday - A paracetamol (P) assisted lap around Black Mountain 11.7K @ 5:42 min/K, HRav 137 bpm. I can now call myself a P addict ;-).
Saturday - 14.6K run in Goorooyaroo and Mulligans Flat. Despite some P, felt v tired and so didn't push it. 14.6K @6:13 min/K, HRav 125 bpm.
Sunday - P + ~1.8K warm up; 5.1K fun run. Time 22:55, pace 4:29 min/K, HRav 158bpm - 2nd W45. Total for the week 66K, Total for the month of March 250km. Next fun run planned is 10K at the Australian Running Festival.


  1. Great running Janene and you looked great. Well done!

    1. Thanks Ruth, it was lovely to see you there today. What a gorgeous morning!

  2. Good race J! That course would be 30 - 45 secs slower than the track - I'll give you a 'track-adjusted' 22:15 ;-) The easy long run Saturday didn't do you any harm.

    P.S. 22:51 is 4:34 min/K ;-)

    1. Thanks ET. The min/K rate was based on the distance I recorded, which was 5.1K. Probably some of the "weaving" early on to get through the crowd at the start ;-).