Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dreams .....

I don't have any delusions of grandeur, but I do still dream of that sub 3:30 marathon. I'd love to have another crack in the Melbourne Marathon in October. Alas, it all depends on how long this 'fatigue' plans on lingering. Step 1 is my first 10K event in a very long time at the Australian Running Festival this Saturday. Based on my favourite running calculator, using my 5K time from the Women and Girls Fun Run, I could run ~46:35ish. I'd be very happy with that. However, I haven't actually trained to run/race 10K and I'd have to be feeling 100% on the day, something I just can't predict, not even with a good dose of P. It's been a bit of a flat week so far. Monday I thought things were looking up based on average pace and HR data for the Saturday and Monday runs. However, Tues and Wed were not good days. Sluggish, slow, just not right. Wisely I took today, Thursday off and will do a shortish session on Friday in preparation for the 10K on Saturday.

I like to think of myself as the Spielberg of running videos (ha ha) and here is one from Nationals that features Maria O'Rielly (W55) running a magnificent 5:34.82 and Helen Larmour (W50) with a season's best 5:46.56 in the 1500m. They scored Gold and Bronze, respectively. Rock stars!!

W50-59 1500m by jkkingston

Latest Training:
Tuesday - 9.2K, Little Black Mountain Loop, 6:20min/K HRav 133bpm. Stopped and chatted with Amanda for a little while.
Wednesday - 11.8K @ 6min/K, HRav 129 bpm.
Thursday - OFF  


  1. That sounds reasonable if all goes well. I'll buy you a coffee if you beat my 46:56 from '09 ;-)

    Good direction Steven. Both your stars won medals! Isn't it amazing how they look like they're jogging yet they're running so fast? Even the 2:10 marathoners make it look like jogging so I guess that's a sign of good running.

  2. Thanks ET. I'm running in the fun run rather than the dash, I'll be able to hide ;-). Actually I didn't realise there were 2 events until after I'd registered. As the fun run is sold out, the course will be crowded and probably not good for running good times unless starting from the front of the pack.

    I'll have to work on getting all my stars in Gold medal position in the future ;-) that would be the sign of an outstanding director .... ;-p

  3. ET, you can save your pennies, no coffee this time. I had no idea which km marker was which, so I had no idea about pace. Indeed I got the half way point wrong and thought I was ahead of the target. Oh well, still a good run for me all things considered.

    1. I thought you ran well - moved from 7th on the first lap into 4th (I think), not far from 3rd. A rough guess on my watch had you needing 4:30ish for the last k (9 was just around the corner from me) to be under 47. The Fun Run was very crowded! You would have had a better run in The Dash. Hope to post some video tomorrow evening - couldn't direct you onto the podium ;-)

  4. Sorry, you did make the podium! 1st Master too! Must have counted an extra female - don't know how I could have done that.