Monday, April 9, 2012

And shine they did ......

AMA National Championships were very fruitful for a number of my running friends. Their performances were just outstanding and inspirational! Heidi had a brave run in the 800m that didn't quite get her there. However, her run in the 1500m was just fabulous to take the silver. She also ran a blinder to take gold in the cross country. Maria was just amazing, getting silver in the 800m and gold in both the 1500m and the 5000m. Other great performances include KT getting gold in the 10000m and bronze in the 5000m; Helen getting bronze in both the 800m and 1500m and silver in the 5000m; Kelley claimed the silver in the 10000m and bronze in the 5000m. Bruce ran a great 1500m and nearly pulled it off, taking the silver after a bold attacking run. There were lots of other great results, I have just highlighted a few!

Heidi ran a great PB to take the silver medal in the 1500m

Bruce may be outsized, but never out run. A great run for the silver
Latest Training:
Thursday - 9.2K @ 5:45min/K, HRav 134bpm
Friday - OFF, spent the AM driving and the PM cheering :o)
Saturday - 14.8K run through the Tan and along the Yarra @ 5:26 min/K, HRav 138bpm
Sunday - OFF, cheered AM, then drove all the way from Melbourne to Canberra. Total for week 56K (2 days off)
Monday  - 11.3K @ 5:47 min/K, HRav 132 bpm.


  1. Next time on the Tan, it's only 27 laps to make 100 kms.

  2. Slightly less 2Fs. The Tan is 3.827k ;-)

    Good on you J for being the cheersquad. That's a big drive - I couldn't do it! Some very inspirational performances. Would love to be less than a lap behind Maria in the 5k.

  3. WooHoo! Got the word test right on the first attempt ;-)

  4. Word test?
    Yes Maria will be sub 20 in the near future!
    TF, the only thing more boring, would be doing laps in a pool!

  5. It's the thing you see after you type out a commment, after which you say "oh f#ck, I hope I type this correctly."