Saturday, March 17, 2012

A week in Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud

I'm just back from a wonderful week in NZ. It was just what I needed. The weather was mostly kind to me and the added bonus was that my good friend Angela was able to take a couple of days off work so we could head down to Wanaka/Queenstown. Understandably given my recent drop in motivation and the big distraction of being in NZ, running was a low priority. It's hard to maintain motivation when it's a constant grind with little to show for it.

Atop mountains compliments of Aspiring Helicopters
Once the 50 day running streak came to an end, the wheels well and truly came off. I did not run at track on Thursday (the weather was dodgy and I wasn't feeling super good); Friday, I did a quick circuit around the burbs (cancelled fight meant delayed travel plans); I was unable to run on Saturday due to a  LONG  day travelling (well except for sprinting to make my plane due to tight connection); and on Sunday the weather turned nasty with horizontal rain and no sheltered place to run. Bring on Monday and the weather cleared to a gorgeous day, so I was able to do a 17K out and back run towards the Ben Ohau range (the last couple of kms were tough). Tuesday I was in Queenstown and wasn't given great directions for a run, I ended up doing an out and back up and down a steep hill (good power training!). Wednesday I did a tempo loop around Twizel and Thursday I didn't run, for no particular reason other than lack of motivation. Friday was another day of travel, so before heading off, I did a 4 x 6min session with 2K warm up and similar cool down.  Those runs in NZ were not particularly quick and as I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with training, the plan to run the 5000m champs on March 29th is cancelled. There are a couple of on road fun runs (in April) that I will do instead and training will continue with base building while slowly working on speed. I've had it with track for the time being :-p, it just emphasises my limitations.

The long white cloud

Latest Training:
Thursday - Off
Friday - 7K circuit around my local suburb
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off - Very low total for the week, around 18K (only 3 runs).
Monday -  17.2K @ 6min/K pace, HRav 137 bpm.
Tuesday - ~6K @ 6:30 min/K pace on steep hill
Wednesday - 7.4K tempo run @5:24min/K pace HRav 136 bpm
Thursday - Off
Friday - 2K warm up; 6min x 4 with 1 min rec @ 4:55min/K, 4:45 min/K, 4:40 min/K, 4:35 min/K (slight uphill for first 2 intervals, slight downhill for last 2) 7.1K total for intervals and including cool down. HRav for the full session - 151bpm.


  1. Great long white cloud! Looks like you enjoyed good weather. Your training while over there went pretty well - numbers look good to me.

    Sometimes the track season seems like it's gone too long - especially if one has been doing intense training since September (not me!). Other times I'd like it to go on longer. Personally I'd like a weekly low-key 3000/5000 available throughout the year. Not a full-blown track meet, just a 3/5k for distance runners.

    I think if you come into a track season with a good base you enjoy it more - especially if you hold that base through the first half of the season. Anyway, here's to 20:13 in 2013!

  2. A 20'13" in 2013, sounds like a good plan, even better to go 13 secs under not over. Better start some speed work now.
    NZ is a wonderful place to visit. Just wonder why there are so many Kiwis living in Aust ?

  3. Thanks ET. I have no problems with hard training if I see results. When I don't see results I get pretty disillusioned and lose confidence. Going into the 2009/2010 season off running Melbourne marathon sure helped! Maybe I can go into 2012/2013 off Melbourne marathon? Time will tell.
    Yes TF, if I could get a job in NZ that suited me, I'd be living in NZ. Alas, I think that's why so many end up moving to Aust. for work! There is already speed work in the plans!