Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No more streaking

After a running streak of #50 days straight, I decided to take a much needed day off. The streak is over! I have a cold and the insomnia has me feeling quite weary. Running pace continues to be at a snail's pace, maybe because of insufficient rest. There are also lots of distractions to contend with now for the next few weeks, so something had to give. Congratulations to Cathy and Ewen who continue to streak ahead! Cathy should hit run #100 tomorrow. Will they continue with the plan to streak around Calwell Oval after completion of run #100?! Time will tell :o).

As for me, another time perhaps ..... ;-)

I'm off to NZ on Friday, there are a few trail runs planned, but all in all, no serious training, just time to chill and have fun.

Latest Training:
Sunday - 15.6K in the rain, traversing puddles and streams. About 6:30min/K pace, HRav 125 bpm. Total for the week 75.7K
Monday - A gentle amble around the central basin of LBG for run #50. Cold starting to settle in, body tired. 7.2K, HRav 132 bpm
Tuesday - DAY OFF!
Wednesday - A circuit around Black Mountain, traversing streams, puddles and fallen trees, quite the obstacle course! 11.8K @ 6:20min/K pace, HRav 132 bpm.


  1. Lovely pic. Have you found an old picture of yourself from a few years ago ? Look great.
    I see the running streak has come to an end, and finally the quality has gone and some good old fahioned quantity is in there. I hope NZ trip is agood one, get out and enjoy the fresh air. Travel safe.

  2. Wow. Your friend is welcome to join us. If we wear shoes does it count as a streak?

  3. No shoes on grass tracks, all or nothing

    1. OK, but I'll be using Bodyglide to prevent chafing.

  4. Janene - have an absolutely wonderful time in my home country. I hope the weather is kind to you. Enjoy relaxing running - you are sensible listening to your body:)