Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motivation meltdown

The fatigue thing isn't fully resolved, motivation is lacking.
Latest Training:
Sunday - 18.2K @ 5:47 min/K pace, HRav 131bpm. Drug (NSAID) assisted run
Monday - 7.2K around the central basin @ 5:48 min/K HRav 129 bpm, fatigued, a struggle to run the full distance
Tuesday - Day off due to level of fatigue on Monday
Wednesday - Completely demotivated, did a new running loop to distract me from the fatigue. A loop around Black Mountain. Low grade fatigue was ever present. 13K @ 6:06 min/K HRav 132 bpm
Thursday -  Did a similar loop to Wed in the reverse direction, low grade fatigue niggled the whole way. 12K @ 5:50 min/K, HRav 133bpm. Watched some great performances at Track, some great times in the 5000m, an outstanding PB by a very happy Maria.

Marvelous Maria and her great running coach - Bruce
I have been wondering about the potential effects of NSAIDS on blocking my perception of 'fatigue' as all the 'good' runs last week were after I had taken some NSAIDS (mostly paracetamol). The bad runs have all been drug free. I did a test run today after taking some paracetamol and the run was fatigue free. I located this research paper today which helps explain the phenomenon.

Influence of acetaminophen on performance during time trial cycling 

It seems that I may have to do more training sessions with a little paracetamol on board and see how things progress.

Alas, paracetamol doesn't prevent klutziness


  1. I want to see blood!

    Interesting about the paracetamol. I didn't read the whole paper, just the conclusion. A 2% improvement in a 10 mile time trial is quite a bit - if it worked for runners that'd be 1:12 if you ran 60 mins for 10 miles. Does it work as a performance aid if you use it all the time or does the body get used to it. I wouldn't as I dislike even taking a pill for a headache.

    Anyway, if it helps your fatigue, keep going. Maybe you can gradually reduce the doseage over time.

  2. My latest theory didn't work today :-(. I had a very tough 14K run despite a very low heart rate and pre-run dosing. I haven't checked bloods lately. Ovaries are working like clockwork, so it's likely iron levels are all good.

    1. Doh, blood on the knees is what you meant .......

    2. You're smart. Yes, like on CJ's old blog: - where the phrase "doing a CJ" originated.

      Sorry to hear about your run. I presume pre-run carbs were fine (a high carb meal the previous evening). Glycogen depletion can result in dead legs and an awful run.