Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fluffy week

It's been a week of essentially easy/fluffy runs. I feel like I've been running on 3 cylinders instead of 4. Probably due to sleep issues and a slow recovery from last weekend's effort. The one good thing about the week is that the average HR for the runs has dropped. The bad thing is, despite the lower HR the legs haven't been keen/able to 'work it'. Could be a sign of overdoing it or an impending virus, time will tell.

The running streak continues with me now at day #48. Tomorrow I achieve my goal of being 50% of Cathy's ( running streak. I only need 10K tomorrow to reach my 70K/week goal. It's taken a while to get there, I hope I can keep slowly building that base. Alas, based on how the body is feeling this week, I believe a day off will soon be required. With a trip to NZ coming up at the end of next week, Friday (travel day) will likely be the chosen day off. The running streak has been great, but the novelty is wearing off and I'm weary.

Latest Training:
Tuesday - 6.6K, skipped the XC with the course location and rain not ideal. Very tired, slow run, HRav 125bpm ~ 6:15min/K
Wednesday - 11.8K around Black Mountain, I thought I felt good and ran at what I thought was a tempo pace, alas that was not the case. HRav 129 bpm ~ 6:05/min pace
Thursday - 6.6K around the 'burbs' in the dark. HRav 130bpm ~ 6:04min/K pace
Friday - 11.2K around the burbs, HRav 124 bpm ~ 6:15min/K pace
Saturday - Warm up 3.7K; 4.8K 6 to 1 session - too tired to do a good session, but did manage to get quicker over the last few intervals; Cool down 4.2K. Week to date - 60K


  1. There is much pressure when you start on running streaks. The temptation to run when a rest day is needed can lead to bad outcomes. The sooner Friday comes along, the better you will feel.
    One day Cathy & Ewen will either fail big time or have to eat humble pie. Both too strong willed to be the first to give in.
    Good going on the base building, overtraining is a sign to back off a little for a while. Sore throat, a virus on the way. Take care.

    1. Thanks 2Fs. Hope we both make it to 100 so the real streak at Calwell oval happens.

  2. Three cylinders instead of 4. Where are the other 4 you need, off resting. You should be a big V8 firing. Or engage the turbo ?

    Will the rain stop for your streak to continue ? Enjoy the day.

  3. Nothing wrong with easy/fluffy runs. I did the same Weds to Friday. They help recovery.

    Keep the streak going. 2Fs is jealous. You can always run 1 mile Friday when you get to NZ, or around the terminal before you go.

  4. TF, I don't feel any pressure with the running streak, just thought it would be fun to try. However, I do feel like I am coming down with a cold/virus, so if that is the case I will be sensible and take a rest day. Since my iron deficiency my engine has been reduced to 4 cylinders (it got down to 1 cylinder for a while there). Maybe when I get back to full strength, the engine will rebuild to include 8 cylinders. That said, 4 cylinders are far more fuel efficient ;-). A turbo sure would be nice!
    ET, overtraining and exercise-induced illness aren't worth it just to maintain a running streak. I will see how I go, but health is the priority. I am looking forward to some trail runs in NZ!! My easy/fluffy runs didn't feel that easy, they were all I could manage.