Monday, February 27, 2012

Valerian vertigo

It seems I over did the dosing with prosomnia to help with my insomnia. Upon getting to work this morning when I sat down, suddenly the world was intermittently spinning and I was nauseous. Pretty useless for work, so I returned home and researched the error of my ways before crashing out for several hours. Given all the annoying insomnia, I took 2 tablets before I went to bed last night, then another one in the middle of the night when I woke up. Clearly that was one too many! Fortunately no major damage was done with all the side effects dissipating by mid afternoon.

The handicap on Sunday did not end up being a particularly good run. That was because I did a tough training session on Saturday and my legs were tired on Sunday. Saturday I did 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 min hard with 1 min recovery between reps with Minnie, Kirsten and Tori. It was hard work and we did manage to get quicker with each rep. Hence, on Sunday, the legs went WTF?! when I asked them to 'race' the handicap. In the end, all I could manage was a tempo run, HR hovered around 150bpm, I just couldn't run harder. Given that tiredness, I didn't push my luck and run in the afternoon to get the Ks up. A nice nana nap was taken in place.

Latest Training:
Saturday - 5.5K warm up @ 5:52min/K pace; 6 to 1 interval session 5.2K, then a 600m jog cool down. Followed by brunch at Sea Salt.
Sunday - 2K warm up with Heids (very humid, very sweaty!), 6.2K handicap, naughty no cool down, brunch at Scope Cafe on Mount Stromlo. Total for the week 65K
Monday - 11.2K HRav 124 bpm, around 6:15min/K pace.


  1. I had a chat to Stu Doyle while driving to the top of Mt Tennent a few weeks ago. He has had a year out of running due to sickness, tiredness & injury. Never seemed to get to the start line without major dramas. Lesson learned he said " 2 only quality training sessions a week". A good long run, a race or solid session, a quality training effort. A rest day and anything else just easy base building kms in the bank.

  2. Yes, very sensible advice, and Stu is an incredibly gifted runner! I didn't get the right balance this week, but the Sat session was the main focus not the Handicap. My mojo will kick in when it gets cold. In the meantime, I'll build base and do a couple of harder sessions each week to build speed and endurance. I treat one of my really easy days as a day off, just turning the legs over.

  3. A couple of strange times on the two relies above.
    Do me and yourself a favour. I presume you record all your training somehow. It's almost the end of Feb.
    Go back and total up your last 6 months of running kms. Anything before that is relatively old news.
    Take that figure and divide by 26 ( weeks). That's the base you are now working to increase. That includes Christmas & any holidays.

  4. My iron levels didn't get into a decent range until December, so any training before then was doing nothing as the muscles couldn't build enzymes. All it did was keep the cardiovascular system fit. If we look at base for when iron was adequate, then it's still pretty limited. The weekly average over 15 weeks is 48K/week. Lots of increase needed! I have years of training data courtesy of my Polar. I'm close to getting to 70K/week.

  5. Good work, 70 kms is pretty much a good base to work off. It's not far to go higher if needed to run a solid 10 km or a half mthn. Also solid aerobic if going to do intensive speed/interval/tempo stuff. Consolidate up there as best you can. get some good sleep, that's just as important.

  6. Stay off the prosomnia in the days before the 29th. I'd hate to slay a sleepy dragon ;)

    Agree with 2Fs that 6 monthly or yearly weekly average is a good way to look at how one's base is going. You could run well off an average of 70k/week.

    Yes, if Saturday was the key session, good to do that first. Pretty much impossible to back that up with a fast race the next day.