Friday, February 24, 2012

Track towel ....

My track season is essentially done. Yes, I'm throwing in the towel so to speak. I have decided that I am not mentally or physically ready to tackle Nationals at Easter. I aim to run a 3000m on March 8 and then the 5000m on March 29 and that's it for me this season. I can use those runs as bench marks for the future. In monitoring my progress and looking at my running history, there is no doubt that I have no natural ability and that to make gains I really need to develop a solid, consistent base. It took me a couple of years of consistent training before I saw much improvement when I first started taking running a bit more seriously. With this recent long set back, I am looking at many more months of slogging out the miles before things will start to turn around and I'll start to feel growth mentally and physically. As I love doing those long runs, I look forward to what lies ahead! My running streak continues (day #40) and I am not experiencing any abnormal or excessive fatigue. There is this annoying ongoing wake up insomnia that is messing with me and I have had a couple of tough days of severe dogged tiredness to contend with. That said, it was pleasing to "break through" that tiredness on Wednesday, where I fought it all the way to find it lift with about 2km to go in my run. This week has been mostly 'easy' with the plan to do a training session on Saturday and back this up with a hard run in the ACTVAC handicap on Sunday (and maybe an afternoon run to increase the mileage).

Latest Training:
Monday - Easy 8.6K @6:11min/K pace, HRav = 131bpm
Tuesday - XC event; 2.5K warm up, feeling very tired, 5K tempo (couldn't even manage 6 hard/1 easy) 4:57min/K pace, HRav 150ishbpm, .4K cool down with Ruth and Cathy.
Wednesday - Really tired today :-(, managed to run 7.4K @6:17min/K pace, HRav = 126 bpm
Thursday - Lunch time run around Black Mountain, felt good! 11.8K @6:12min/K HRav = 134bpm
Friday - Lunch time run around central basin LBG and Parliament House. 10K @ 6:05min/K, HRav = 129 bpm.


  1. You're being a bit hard on yourself when you say "I have no natural ability." We all have some natural ability. It's not an all or nothing characteristic. I like to think of natural ability for distance running as something on a scale of 0 to 100, where 2 might be the kid who's born to be a sumo wrestler and 98 might be Haile Gebrselassie.

    Also, there are many components that make up natural ability, not just natural speed and endurance. For example, you have good natural running form. Deek had natural robustness, not natural speed.

    See you tomorrow, and on the 29th :)

  2. Besides it's all relative. To me you definitely have natural ability. I would love to run like you so there you go - it's all a matter of perspective:) Good luck with your 3000 and 5000 and see you in the morning.

  3. Let me rephrase and say that I am not genetically blessed with athleticism! That doesn't mean one can't run reasonably well, it just means you have to work extra hard vs those with good genes. Ruth your age standard score matches mine, so you do run like me! You were both too quick for me today, didn't see you out on the course!

  4. Hang in there, and it will all come back. Don't fight the unwinnable. The racing, twice a week plus lack of sleep, can be as much of the problem as finding the right level of just fun running. Listen to what your head is saying, not your heart.

  5. I'd need a towel after trying to keep up with the girl in the pic. Pretty nice, could do with a bit of style & technique fine tuning.

  6. Well gee Apples, I'm such an emotional person, how can I not listen to my heart? ...... not! Maybe the insomnia would be less of an issue if I didn't listen to my head all the time! No worries, I'll just knuckle down and keep on keeping on.

    Maybe we could start a series of 'throw in the towel' pics of people we know?