Friday, February 3, 2012

A running streak!

There are a number of fellow Canberran runners on running streaks, no days off from running. Cathy at is up to something like day #66. Ewen at is not far behind. Even speedygeoff is in on the party! They all make my day #19 look pretty minuscule in the grand scheme of things. However, as someone that usually schedules a day off each week, I'm impressed to be getting to the end of my 3rd week and to still be feeling pretty marvelous. There is no doubt that keeping the HR low is key in allowing the body to recover even when running!

It's been a fun week of various running events. I ran my first YCRC cross country run in 12 months at Stromlo on Tuesday. This was a training session of 6 minutes hard, 1 minute easy. Actually a great mental boost knowing that at the next beep you can take it easy for a while! On Thursday I attended the ACTVAC Track and Field meet at the AIS. Not a nice night unless you were a duck. It was wet and not particularly warm! Understandably numbers were down. My goal was to have a go at the 1500m and try and break the elusive 6 min that I was able to do so easily back in 2009/10. Alas it was not to be, finishing in 6:06. My HR data supports my RPE, I didn't go hard enough! At times during the run I felt myself holding back despite feeling I could go a bit harder. I'm not sure what the motivation was behind this, but c'est la vie! HRav was only around the 158bpm mark.  It may well be a lack of sufficient 'hard' sessions teaching me what I can and can't do. I also ran the 3000m, but took the same approach I took in Tuesday's XC run. 6min hard, 1 min easy. A good session as the HRav was only 152 bpm.

I did finally get around to making a video of some great 1500m running at Track a few weeks back.

Alas I can't get it to embed so go to this link:

It was great to see Bruce Graham break a very long standing 3000m record for the M50s. He ran 9:30:33, taking 16 secs off the old record of 9:46.9 set by Bernie Millet in 1991.

Bruce on his way to the M50 3000m ACT record!

Latest Training:
Monday -  Easy 8.9k - the Little Black Mountain loop HRav = 133 bpm; chose this loop due to very windy conditions, would have preferred a less hilly run today!
Tuesday - XC at Stromlo - 5K in 23:35 + 2K warm up and 2.5K cool down- Total 9.5K. Quads still quite sore from Saturday!
Wednesday - LBG central basin - easy run 7.2K HRav = 132 bpm
Thursday - Track night; 2K warm up + some run throughs; 1500m 6:07; 3000 13:25
Friday - Easy run (calves sore from spikes in 1500m) 11K 5:55min/K pace HRav 132 bpm.


  1. I think the running streak is worthwhile (if we're not silly about it) - I was chatting to Geoff this morning and his '4k joggette' day during the week is pretty much like a rest day - better in fact, as the legs are kept ticking over.

    Not going 'hard enough' in the 1500 is an interesting one. AHR for a 15 is going to be lower than you might expect as it takes 200m or so (1/8th of the race) to get the HR up to racing effort. In a 10,000 it might take 500m (1/20th of the race). You can only compare similar race distances when looking at HRs. What were your sub-6 runs like?

    Good video. Fun to look at the different styles. Some people have good track form (Mick H, Gary B and Heidi for example) and others look like marathoners yet they're faster.

  2. Thanks Ewen. In the past I've always preferred to have a passive recovery day. But back then I didn't make sure I kept my easy days easy enough and so a full day off was required. This is a good way to keep building base and monitoring fatigue signs. So far so good :o).

    Yes AHR probably isn't a good measure. Finishing HR is! In previous 1500m efforts HR was definitely higher at the finish. No doubt my LT threshold is a lot lower that it was then, so it will take time to improve that and my ability to push hard towards the finish.

    Yes there are people in the video that just shouldn't be as fast as they are!

  3. Yes, I'd agree with the finishing HR. In a 1500 you should be able to get pretty close to your maximum HR if you sprint hard over the last 150m. I like the monitoring fatigue idea with the easy days. If average HR is in a normal range for these runs that would be a good sign.