Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Riding the pendulum

If you look at the headings for this blog, it has indeed been a swinging ride! There are good days and not so good days. However, the bonus is that there haven’t been any really bad days for quite some time. Yes there was the back problem at the start of the year. I have since discovered that dancing at parties is a trigger factor! It is a good thing that is a rare event. I have also been reminded of the negative effect a tad too much alcohol can have on running. Where is that alcohol dehydrogenase when you need it? 

There hasn’t been much change since I last reported. The running streak continues with me completing day #30 today. No major fatigue to speak of, although a hangover from Sat night shenanigans made for a couple of unpleasant runs.

My quandary at present is AMA Nationals at Easter. I only have until March 2nd to decide if I will enter the 5000m and cross country. That is only a couple of weeks away. I will likely go to Melbourne to cheer on the gang regardless of whether I compete or not. It would just be nice to not have to decide about entering so soon. There are no delusions of grandeur, but it would be nice to know I could run well enough to meet my own internal expectations. If there is some positive progress over the next couple of weeks, then maybe I’ll throw in a last minute entry! It would be nice to be able to use the ACT Veterans 5000m championships as a guideline, alas they aren’t until March 29. The Stromlo Age-Sex Adjusted Cross Country is this weekend. I am running in it for fun and to make up numbers. I suspect the 7.5km will be a big ask at this point in time. However, maybe it will give me an indication of where things are at?

The YCRC run tonight was another 6 min hard/1 min easy. I felt good and fully recovered. A special thanks to Mick Horan's son for out growing his shoes and for Mick gifting them to me. I now have a great little pair of Nike Zoom Waffle Racer XC shoes!
The 'new' XC shoes or something very similar.

At present the aim for track on Thursday will be a sub 3 min 800m. Based on the latest 3000m time, one pace predictor says a 2:56 800m is possible. However, a 1000m of 3:55 only equates to a 3:00 800m. Time will tell.

Latest training:
Saturday – Warm up of 2K followed by 4 x 100m run throughs and then 3 x 2000m on the AIS track with 5 min passive recovery after each rep. Pace was pretty consistent 4:30/K, with the last 200m of the last rep @ 51 sec. 2K cool down followed by good coffee and brekkie.
Sunday – Drank too much wine on Sat night @ Bruce’s 50th celebration. Did a gym session early afternoon and a long run (12.5K) late, with some nausea during the last few K’s. Slow with HRav around 130bpm.Total for the week 67K (was aiming for 70K, but the hangover had the final say!).
Monday – The hangover continued, short  s l o w  5K run at lunch time, more nausea! HRav 132bpm
Tuesday – YCRC 4K XC run at Telopea Park. 6/1 session ran strongly and managed to get the HR up, peaking at 167bpm. Total time for 4K was 18:49. 2K warm up and 2K cool down with Stu, Ewen and Cathy.

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  1. I think you'll go under 3 for the 800. The 7.5k on Saturday morning could give you an idea of how you'd go in a 5000. Only do the 800 Thursday and have a light run Friday to give the legs the best chance of coming good. I'll be out there 'working' - hopefully I can get some photos.