Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fading fatigue .......

Dare I tempt fate and suggest that the fatigue has faded into the background? I have just completed 21 days straight running and have not felt any significant fatigue! If anything, running has been feeling pretty darn wonderful. My weekly mileage is creeping up, having just completed 66K this last week. It would have been a bit longer, but today's long run didn't go as planned. I ran with a group today and we stopped and started and weren't always sure of where we were. However, it was a lot of fun and we were on shady trails that stopped us from over heating as the temperature started to rise.

My calves were pretty sore post spikes @ track. 1500m is the longest I've gone in spikes. The good thing is it's DOMS rather than an injury. The calves have had to work a little harder without the usual training shoe heel support! I made the mistake of running on pavement the day after track as I wanted a flat run. Hills may well have been a better choice! The concussion brought out the DOMS.

Saturday I chose to do some hill reps as I was rather tired of doing the 6min hard, 1 min easy work out, as good as it is. I did 8 x 1 min hills reps with a decent warm up and cool down. Running rep 8 made it clear that any more reps would probably not be welcomed. I needed to be in good physical shape for a challenge later in the day! Saturday was a special day as I finally passed the M.O.S.T. to move on to my P plate on my motor bike. The Year of the Dragon is indeed going very well. Beware Mr Dragon Slayer wannabe!! I'll be joining you for that March 29 5000m. I don't expect to be close to 20:12 at that stage, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can manage after all this time in fatigue land!

Early days with the motor bike.

Latest Training:
Friday -  11K easy around LBG and Telopea region. HRav 127bpm, @6min/K - ouchy calves
Saturday - 8 x 1 min hill reps, jog downhill recovery; total with warm up and cool down 10.2K. I also did a session in the gym. The back is going well and I'm making sure I include plenty of core building exercises!
Sunday -  Group run around Aranda and Black Mountain - 12K HRav 127bpm, @7 min/K due to lots of stopping and starting - a pretty fluffy run really. Followed by brunch at Ricardos - they make the tastiest mushrooms!


  1. Big week JKK, well done...Will you be selling the bike in the picture, or is that the new one already ? BTW I am not looking for a bike if you are selling :o)

  2. Thanks Gary :o). I can't upgrade my bike for 12 months while still on P's, so won't be selling just yet. I'll just count the days.

  3. I'll give you a ride on the 1400 one day.

    If you're near 20:12 you'll escape a slaying. I'd like to aim for 21:29. Not sure yet if that's a realistic goal for 29 March.