Thursday, January 26, 2012

A step in the right direction

The world of exercise physiology is full of so much interesting research and information. Trying to establish the right balance in regards to high intensity vs low intensity work can be a challenge. This article:
is an interesting read. The 80:20 rule does make a lot of sense. Indeed the cases studies presented do help support the theory. What you do in that '20' depends on what distances you are targeting. I have always thought that there should be plenty of slow easy runs as part of training. Pushing too hard in your easy runs, does hamper your ability to push hard in your high intensity sessions. It is too easy to go out and just hammer, hammer, hammer.

It was a great night at Track. Not so much my running, but watching some incredible performances by Kathy Sims in the Pennington and Maria O'Rielly in the 5000m. Maria has 9 years on me (she celebrated her 57th birthday with her outstanding run at track) and easily passed my 5000m PB. She looked fantastic and is running very smartly. Kathy Sims in the Pennington 800m was outstanding. She ran a fantastic time of 2:51 as a W60. She held off the incredible Kathy Southgate and was only squeezed out of first place by her hubby Geoff Sims (what happened to chivalry? ;-) ). The final event in the Pennington, the 3000m will indeed be very exciting!

I was happy with how I ran. I chose to give the 1000m my focus and was aiming for a sub 4 min time. To increase my odds I donned spikes and set my watch to beep me through the process. I thought I went out a tad quick for the first 200m, but then settled in nicely and stayed ahead of the beeps to finish in ~3:55.  I also ran the 3000m at the end of the night, intending to do this as 6 min intervals. Alas, I selected the wrong program on my watch and so ended up doing a 3000m interval! I settled into a comfortable tempo-ish pace and finished in 13:40, with plenty still in the tank. Much better than last week's effort. My back still isn't 100%, but it doesn't appear to be affecting my running.

Latest training:
Monday - 4 x 200m hill reps, with 2 km warm up and cool down - ~7K
Tuesday - Gentle recovery run in anticipation of track on Wed ~ 4.3K
Wednesday -  Track night; ~2.5K warm up with run throughs; 1000m @ 3:55; 3000m @ 13:40
Thursday -  Recovery run - 10.7K in Z1 HRav = 125bpm - felt good


  1. Is it all coming together again, I hope so. I'm not much in favour of running with the watch as the pacemaker, especially when on a sort of comeback trail. May be better to run on feel for a while than stick to a set target. However, I'd take a 13'40" for 3000 metres. Good work, well done.

  2. Fantastic running at track Janene. Obviously your training is working for you. You were amazing in the 1000m and you're right, the 3000, 5000 and 800m were also very exciting to watch!

  3. Steve, thanks for your comments. When push comes to shove, I run mostly on feel. I set the watch at what I think is an achievable pace to allow me to see just how I'm going. It does give me a bit more incentive to try a bit harder. However, most of my runs are based on 'feel'.
    Ruth, it was indeed an exciting night. Sometimes not being a competitor is well and truly worth it, as you get to fully experience all that is going on! That Pennington was just awesome!

  4. Sure was an inspiring night! Wish the track season would go on a couple more months.

    Thanks for the link to that article - good to find all that research in the one spot. Interesting about the variations in hours per year between the different sports. I'm betting triathletes would come in somewhere near swimmers. If you're good at running, stick to running!

  5. Ah, pretty sure I didn't leave that comment at 11:38 PM. If so, I'm going to be buggered on my long run in the morning ;)

  6. It seems to have reset the time, I don't know why! I can't see me up at 4:56am responding to comments!