Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting over

It seems it was never going to be a miraculous recovery. I am destined to have to deal with many hurdles along the way. C'est la vie!

A long road trip seriously exacerbated my back problem and I'm back to where I was at the start of the New Year.

I think the best way to deal with it, is to forget the last couple of months and just gently start over. Trying to set goals (e.g. a 20:12 5K) given all these ongoing problems, will only serve to create frustration and disappointment. It is better to just appreciate those days when I can train and to be thankful of any little improvements I might make along the way. I feel like I am probably at an equivalent level to what I was back in early 2009. All the stuff in between has been lost. A bit of a bummer, but you can't lose 18 months of useful training time and expect to find yourself anywhere close to where you were 18 months ago. All the gains are lost and some!

With the current bad back, I turned up at track on Thursday contemplating the mile or the 3000m. However, it only took 50m of jogging to realise there was no way I'd be running on the track that night. I did coerce my back to let me do a 2K jog, so all was not lost. After that I headed home and did lots of back stretches:
Lower Back Stretches
These definitely help!
I managed a gentle 5K jog on Fri, with the back still protesting. A similar protest today, but I did get around a 10K loop on my local trail. It will be a day by day approach.

Despite already having  a strong core, gym work has been amped up to include kettlebells and planks focused on building back strength. Many of the other exercises I do at the gym already work the core, so I am surprised by this latest back issue!

For some info on kettlebells - Heidi can point you in the right direction!

Latest training:
Thurs - 2 K slow
Fri - 5K slow
Sat -  10 K slow


  1. How frustrating! Good idea to take it day by day and not set any time limited goals (this by such-and-such a date) until you're back into a regular training routine. I like the lower back video. I do one where you lie stomach down and gradually extend your arms straight to the floor so the back has a curve, then lower down and repeat a few times.

  2. Thanks ET, although I can't see foresee a regular training routine happening any time soon!

    That move you describe is more a muscle user than a muscle stretcher! I believe it is called the prone cobra.

    1. A physio got me to do that one after I hurt my lower back at work. You do it very slowly. Now that I know the name I'll just say "I'm doing the prone cobra" when they ask me what I'm doing lying on the floor at work.