Saturday, January 21, 2012

Onwards and upwards

The back has been an issue for most of the last 9 days or so. It finally seems to be coming good. I will need to take care and not set it off again. Now if I could only figure out was has set it off in the first place.

It's been hard to gauge the whole running thing. Understandably it was a fairly conservative start to the week due to the sore back. The enforced slow running has to some extent been used to work towards a bit more Ks in the base. Sunday was another day off given the ongoing back complaints. Monday was a very gentle and tentative jog around central basin. Tuesday I decided to go just a little bit further and included the little circuit around Lennox Gardens with central basin. It was pretty warm, so that with the delicate back kept me at a slow plod. Wednesday it was 30 C at lunch time, so I sought out a running loop with a little shade and headed up to the Little Black Mountain circuit. A good test for the back given the hilly nature of the circuit. I ran protectively, but did not encounter any problems with muscle spasms. It was a gorgeous day and it was just great to be outside during my lunch break enjoying some sunshine and scenery. Thursday I headed to track to give an increase in speed a go. The back was still a bit sore and I still felt the need to be a tad conservative. However, warm up laps and some run throughs did not result in any increase in pain. The run throughs were initially a test to see if a 13:00 3000m would be a comfortable pace. With the lost training and a slight lull in energy levels, it was immediately apparent that even a 13:00 3000m would be hard work. Plan B was to run a tempo pace, and that ended up being 4:40 min/K for a 14:00 3000m. The slowest one ever! It is fair to say that 3000m times in 2012 can only get better. I watched some great runs in the 1500m and a video will follow in the near future. The end of the night included the old 4 lap spiral as another 'interval'. It was at about 4:30 min/K pace.
Friday was a 'recovery' run around the little Black Mountain loop with lots of butterflies :o). It was a rather warm 31C, but another stunning day. Saturday I head out to Isaac's Ridge for some training company and after the 2K uphill warm up, it was 6 min tempo intervals x 4 with 2 min recoveries followed by a 2K downhill recovery and the obligatory coffee. The plan for Sunday is to do a 'familiarisation' run of the new handicap course in preparation for the first handicap of 2012.

Addendum: the January handicap course is very nice, probably the flattest of them all.

Latest training:
Sunday - OFF
Monday - 7.2K easy
Tuesday -  9K easy
Wednesday - 8.8K easy
Thursday -  2k warm up with 25 sec 100m run throughs; 3000m @ 14:00 av HR 160bpm; 1670m @ 7:38 av HR 152 bpm.
Friday - 8.8K easy
Saturday - 11K with 4 x 6 min intervals @4:30-4:50 pace, HR Int1 - 142; int2 - 152; int3 - 159; int4 - 150 bpm.  Followed by an afternoon session with Heidi and Steph at ACT BarBell. This brief video shows Heidi demonstrating some great Kettleball moves!
Sunday - 10K easy
Week total a tad over 60K :o).


  1. So glad your back is feeling a lot better Janene:)

  2. Plan B seems to have worked well. Even a slower run on the track is a good lift in tempo from regular running.

    Thank goodness for a flat handicap course - we need more of those! The bloody mountain runners are trying to turn us into mountain goats! Tell Heidi she's having too much fun in that video.

  3. Thanks Ruth and ET :o).
    Yes ET - Heids took great pleasure in working us all very hard! She really loves her job.

  4. Don't blame the mountain runners for the courses we have in Canberra. You need to look back to Walter Burley Griffin and the founding fathers who took pride in finding such a wonderful area.
    Then the govt over the years have made it so hard to have flat non bike path areas to run. Take away the bush and there it not much left.
    Go find a flat one, with all the suitable facilities, and I'll go look at it.