Sunday, January 8, 2012

No man's land

Probably not the start to 2012 I was hoping for (a good thing the Chinese New Year is Jan 23). My back kept me out of action for the first few days of 2012. It settled down enough to be able to run on Thurs, but it does remain just a little achy. Steady as she goes is all one can really do.

Running has not been great for a few weeks now. Most of my jaunts have felt quite hard. Hence, I have the feeling of being in no man's land (or is that no woman's land?). A blood sample was taken last Wed, and results should be available tomorrow, Mon.

Addendum: Ferritin results show a definite improvement. The level is now at 44 ug/L. That said, on going iron supplementation has been recommended to get the level in the 60-90 ug/L range. The anaemia is also resolved.

Latest training:
Wed - OFF
Thurs - gentle 8.2K run involving the Little Black Mountain loop. My back was still quite sore and as a result there was zero impulsion in my legs!
Fri - The Little Black Mountain loop in a clockwise direction, for a change. This run actually felt okay. This direction also seems to be an easier way to do this loop. 9.2K in 6:08min/K pace
Sat - Long intervals (6ish mins) at Isaacs Ridge. 4 x interval with 1-2 min passive recovery. I probably ran these a bit hard with HR around 162 bpm. Pace varied between 4:30-4:45 min/K. Total distance for the run 10.8K. A great location with lots of tree cover, and finished off with yummy brunch at My Cafe in Manuka.
Sun - A very tough 8.2K around my local region. Tired and sore from the intervals and a gym session yesterday. I had intended to go 11K, but had to cut it short. It seems trying to increase my distance is easier said than done at this stage.

Addendum training:
Mon - OFF
Tues - OFF
Wed - OFF


  1. Hope your back settles down soon Janene - nothing worse than a bad back. Hope it wasn't the push-ups you were doing at the NYE party!!

  2. That's good news re the blood numbers. Once the back settles down your running will bounce back.

    Go with 'no man's land' - I read recently that Churhill said about gender-neutral writing that the masculine embraces the feminine.

  3. Oh no Ewen, you must use gender neutral terminology these days. Can't go reverting to old times. Start doing that, give a man 25.4 millimetres, he will take 1.609 kilometres.

  4. Ha! That's an old wive's tale Geoff.

  5. Or is that an old husband's tale?

    Back is fine, body is still lagging. It's all a mystery to me.

  6. Get better and back to running soon Janene. Best we hear stories on how good a run or race has gone instead of being restricted to light duties.

  7. Thanks Steve. I do look forward to some good running stories in the future. For now I will appreciate each day I am able to run even a little :o).