Sunday, January 29, 2012

First ACTVAC handicap for 2012

The goal this week after the 1000m @ track was the Sunday handicap. I ran the course last week and thought it could be a good shot for glory. That was before Angel informed me he was in the group ahead of me and also had his eyes on the prize. I joked with him that I'd get him on the last hill on account of me being a 'bit lighter' than him. The course seemed hillier than I recalled! I guess at a slow jog, the hills don't seem so bad, but when you are running in Zone 5, you feel them! I went out a tad fast and made up some ground on Angel in the early stages. However, from then on I just couldn't get any closer to him, he was especially good on the downhills, where I was trying to recover! Once I got to the turn around, it really was just a race of survival, I was fried! I really miss my endurance! Angel pulled a bit further ahead and I just hoped that I was not going to be passed by anyone speedier. That last hill, as expected, was nausea inducing! I passed a couple more people and managed to hold off a faster finishing person just behind me, scoring 8th place. I gave it my best effort, and was happy with that result, figuring I was just outside the medals. However, the bonus was that 6 people in front of me were not eligible!! Woo hoo!! Angel GOLD, Janene SILVER.

Heidi also ran a blinder in the Frylink series to take the 1st place card and was a fully eligible 1st place. Congratulations Heidi - she is running so well! Of course, we will now pay the price, the handicapper will make sure of that (won't he Steve?!)!

Bronze - Bernie Millet; Gold - Angel Marina; Silver - Moi

Silver - Ian Bowden; Gold - Heidi Johnston; Bronze - absent

Latest training:
Friday -  Easy slow 12.3K
Saturday - 4K warm up followed 4 x 100 m run throughs @ 19-20 sec, then 6 min tempo on 1 min off x 4 intervals.
Sunday - Warm up 1.8K; Handicap - 6.1K (by my Polar) - HRav 160bpm with 63% of time in Zone 5 (ouch!). Silver bling made the pain worth it :o).


  1. All I will say is Janene is you so much deserve the medal after your very interupted recent months of running. Well done. Yes, the handicapper will get you, me as well but only 1 group. You will get a penalty of 2 groups for your 2nd place plus move to the group you should have been in for the adjusted km rate of today. Rules for handicap adjustement in current Vetrunner.
    The unknowns to you in the pics are Bernie Millett got bronze in the Thomas. Ian Bowden in the picture with Heidi got silver in the Frylink.
    Must say you did look nice today. Don't take that too seriously.

  2. Thanks for all of the above Mr Apples. I fully expect to be appropriately handicapped, it's only fair. It won't be as bad as Angel, he's going to be very lonely!

    1. As for Heidi, she'll be starting the next one behind Bruce!

  3. Congrats! Yes, well deserved after your long run of outs. 5:04 ks is quick for that course. It was a mountain runner's course! Although Angel is no mountain runner, so maybe a 400m runner's course .)

    Anyway, definitely hilly as my heart-beats per km was 783 - on a flat course it'd be around 730 for a similar effort.

  4. The course is about as flat as it gets all year. Enjoy 2012.

  5. Congratulations Janene - well deserved:)