Tuesday, January 3, 2012


And just like that it's 2012, Happy New Year! It seems that 2011 went by in a blur, and that wasn't due to any speedy running! The last couple of weeks of 2011 saw a drop in running performance despite what seemed like an iron-boosted response in November. There is a planned trip to the doctor tomorrow and some more blood tests. It will be interesting to see just where things are at.

Training has been pretty ho hum of late, mostly because my energy and performance have dropped. Also not helped by a recent back strain of unknown origin. I woke up on New Years day with a very sore back. So sore, that I couldn't run on New Years Day. My attempt to run the following day was not met with much joy. I managed a very slow awkward shuffle for a while before muscle spasms forced me to stop and walk. I took the sensible approach and elected to give the back another day off today. I sure hope it is feeling a bit better tomorrow!

There are no major New Year goals at this stage other than to keep up the training and to spend a bit more time in the gym building some strength (particularly lower back strength!). Longer runs have not been going well of late. It looks like it will be a slow road ahead for the next little while.

Latest training:
Saturday - 6 x 300m hill repetitions
Sunday - Long run of 15K - tough going (6:10 min/K pace; HRav - 132 bpm)
Monday -  OFF
Tuesday - 9K run with a 1K walk to finish off - body not willing to run the full 10K
Wednesday - fartlek session 8.2K (7 x 30-45 sec @ 3:55 to 4:05/K pace, 1 x 75 sec @ 4 min/K pace)
Thursday -  Easy 11K @ 5:50min/K; HRav - 140 bpm
Friday - Easy 8.3K @ 5:50min/K; HRav - 144 bpm
Saturday - 8 x 200m hill repetitions (6.2K with warm up and cool down)
Sunday - OFF
Monday - Slow 10.3 K @ 6min/K; HRav - 139 bpm; then had to walk the remaining 3K
Tuesday - OFF

As I was born in 1964, I am a Wood Dragon. Here's hoping the Year of the Dragon is good for Dragons!


  1. Hope your back's feeling better soon. Slaying an injured dragon would be no fun at all ;)

  2. Thanks Ewen, I think!
    Another day off today to give the back a bit more time to settle down. Although, I imagine a dragon with a bad back would be pretty ferocious ;-).

  3. I'm certainly no expert on injuries but for what it's worth looking at your running program.Cut out the hill work unless you intend to run the mountain running championships.
    I have never done hill repeats ever in 20 years because of the stress. If there is a weakness in strength between the muscles of hammies, quads,& glutes, then something has to give. Might just be front & backs of your legs are out of strength balance. Might be an answer.
    Everything has to progress forward at the same rate. Once the problem has settled, change the plan.
    There should be enough undulations in any training run to not need to do other hilly sessions.