Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh the IRONy .....

It seems that iron supplementation has its good points - no fatigue and increased Hb levels - and its bad points - resumption of ovary action.  It is likely that I got it all the wrong way around! I was initially attributing the fatigue to a response to menopause after everything shut down 8 months ago. However, it could well be that everything shut down in response to iron deficiency. The timing sure seems to suggest this. Now that I've been supplementing my iron intake for a couple of months, my iron levels are probably good enough to promote normal ovary function. At 47,  I can't say that this particularly excites me. However, it does point to the restoration of a more appropriate body iron level. I must get me to the doctor soon just to see where things are at!

I've had some good suggestions from a couple of experienced runners in response to my pondering what to do next on the running front. I think part of my problem is a lack of patience and wanting to be where I was fitnesswise before I fell in that stupid hole in the ground in August 2010. The good news is that I have survived the first half of the track season and can look forward to extending my racing distances in 2012. The most sensible approach will be to focus on 3K and 5K in the short term, while slowly building up training distance. Maybe a half marathon mid year could be a sensible goal and then think about Melbourne marathon IF the body remains happy. Distance is still calling me and there is unfinished marathon business! I'm not sure about track nationals, it's too soon to expect to run a quick 10K, but there's still the 5K and cross country to at least think about. My approach to those kinds of events is more to do with being able to shoot for PBs.  I don't have any delusions of grandeur of being able to make massive improvements and be in the hunt for medals. If I attend it's because I think I am running well and could achieve some PBs. We will see!

I attended the last ACTVAC track event for 2011 on Thursday. Events on my list included the 2K turkey run, the Parlouf relay and anything else that I felt inclined towards. Original plans were to run the 2K as quickly as I could and shoot for a time close to 8:05. However, poor sleep and tired legs from training had my body telling me it wasn't up for a hard session. Instead I chose to run it at what I thought could be my current 5K pace - 4:20min/K. So I ran aiming to come in at 8:40. The start was a tad quick, but after that I settled into a good steady pace and managed to finish in 8:35.17. Not good enough to take the turkey prize, but a pretty well judged pace without a watch. I'm not sure I could have held that pace for a full 5K at the time, but on fresh legs I think it would be quite doable.

The lovely Margaret and Ruth getting into the festive spirit at the last ACTVAC Track and Field meet for 2011

Latest training:
Monday - another day off
Tuesday - 4 x 400m - 96, 93, 92, 93 (2 min recovery/rep); 4 x 200m - 43, 43, 44, 44 (1 min recovery/rep); 2 x 100m 20, 19 (30 sec recovery/rep). Total distance 7K with warm up and cool down
Wednesday - Run that included the Little Black Mountain loop - 9.2K @ 6:15min/K pace, I saw KT, Missie and SB while out on this run. All looking fit and fast!
Thursday - Track 2000m; 100m walk 'sprint'; Parlouf relay - 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m - always a hoot doing that relay!
Friday - easy 7K run, although my legs were seriously sore and tired from all that parlouf 'sprinting', a reminder that I so am not designed to sprint or even to run particularly fast!


  1. That's incredibly ironic. Probably a good sign though. Sounds like a worthwhile session Thursday. Your 2k was good. Funny about the Parouf relay - I recall something similar in the sore legs department following my last one of those.

    Where are Nationals this year? Climate can be a factor - if it's overly warm 5 and 10k times would be affected. I'm hoping our coolish Summer continues - would really like some mild evenings for 5k races post Christmas.

  2. Nationals are in Melbourne, so it's unlikely to be humid (my biggest enemy). It was warm in Perth and I was able to run PBs in the 5K and 10K. It will get down to if I'm fit enough. I don't think I will worry about the 10K as I really don't have enough time to get to a decent enough training mileage to be able to train well for a 10K at the start April.

    Yes this cool summer so far is great for running. It would be nice to have similar conditions in the New Year for track.