Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The waiting game (or is that crying game?)

It is good to have a potential explanation for at least some of my running fatigue. However, it also opens up so many questions. Probably the most pressing is how long will it take to know if low iron has been a major factor? Treatment guidelines suggest a good 3 months of treatment with 100mg daily using a liquid iron supplement. However, there isn't much to suggest boosting iron will increase performance, other than via correcting the anaemia. I wasn't anaemic early in the year, but would have been iron deficient. I'm not able to identify any specific research that points to marked muscular fatigue associated with iron deficiency. Yes anaemia causes fatigue, but I wouldn't describe most of my symptoms as being consistent with anaemia. Of course, it is easy to over think it. That's what us academic types like to do!

In the meantime, really all I can do is treat the deficiency, keep training and keep hoping that I will shortly have to rename this blog!

Training since my last entry:
Saturday - 9.3K around Mt Ainslie @ 6 min/K pace. All okay except for the hills (I'll blame that on the anaemia ;o) ).
Sunday - Compound 800m x 3; these were 600m @ ~1500m pace and 200m @~800m pace. As they were run on grass, the effort was RPE rather than speed. 5 min passive recovery in between each one. 1.2K warm up and 800m cool down at slow jog. Total = 4.2K
Monday - easy 5K, tired + DOMS from gym session on Saturday, so this was especially slow.
Tuesday - 4 x 400m (98, 94, 93, 94) with 2 min passive recovery each interval; 4 x 200m (43, 44, 43, 44) with 1 min passive recovery; 4 x 100 m (20, 20, 20, 20) with 30 sec passive recovery. Gentle jog for warm up and cool down. Total distance 6.7K. Saw the awesome duo of Katie and Amanda doing speedy intervals while I was out doing the Tues session.

Not a lot of choice at track this coming Thursday as there are no 3000m events and there is a 1 hour run at the end of the night. I'll try the 800m and try spikes for the very first time ever, ever, ever. Could be good for a laugh!

New speedy spikes.


  1. It'll be a laugh to see what running outfit you choose to match those spikes! Last time I wore spikes I tripped over them on the high jump fan and fell flat on my face.

  2. Yes, it could be quite entertaining trying to get the perfect outfit to go with those shoes! People kept asking me where the matching shoes were. Seriously, that is how they sell them! I didn't go anywhere near the high jump fan, so that could be why I didn't do a face plant! :o). Good run in the hour event, I look forward to reading your report!