Friday, November 4, 2011

Tracking along .......

The fatigue monster does like to keep me honest. He came out to play on Wed during a gentle slow jog. I was forced to stop and walk part of the way. I would have taken the day off, but had Friday scheduled off for a visit to Clinic 88. It does reinforce the importance of listening to the body rather than trying to stick to a rigid schedule. Ah well, not too much damage done as I was still able to do some events at track on Thursday.

Once again Track was just a 'play it by ear' approach. I did the 2000m at the start, aiming to run ~8:20. I couldn't quite hold that pace and so settled for 8:31. HR was up in the mid 160s bpm, so a decent effort. This was followed with a 3000m at the end of the night, thinking it would be nice to get close to 13:00. I even had the assistance of a Jeff Grey pacer. The pacer did a great job, but the previous day's fatigue and the 2000m were just enough to take away some vital energy and I couldn't hold the pace. The default goal was to beat the season's previous PB 13:20, which I did just manage to do by 2 seconds! I wonder how long it will take to start to see some gains? Anyone reading this with any ideas, please jump in. At this point I have just come to the end of 4 weeks of consistent targeted training. Not much change in that time from what I can tell. However, the good news has been no serious episodes of persistent fatigue. Next week is stage two of the targeted training plan with increased effort and pace in some of the planned interval sessions. As an example: Monday will be 6 x 400m @ current 1500m pace and then 2 x 400m @ goal 1500m pace. Track will continue to serve as a 'long intervals' session and also a gauge of signs of improving pace. I like running on the surface and my biorhythms do prefer running in the PM. There will also be some hill reps in the mix to build strength and focus on form. I like these as they are short!

Finally, many thanks to Mr Handicapper who left me in the same group for the ACTVAC handicap. I will give the Thomas Series another go as I am in such a good group still and the course isn't so evil at the next event!


  1. The only reason you won't get a medal is if there are 3 burglars ahead of you.

    The 2/3k was a good double! You ran 21:38 for 5k! Would have broken 13 had you not raced the 2k is my guess.

    It's hard to predict when the gains will happen, but they will. I think the secret is to maintain consistency week-to-week (mileage/quality) and don't try for any super extravagant sessions. Go hard only in the races and hold back a bit with the interval sessions. For example, 6 x 400 in 96 is better than 8 x 400 in 92 if you can't recover from the latter in 24 hours (i.e. run normally the following day).

  2. Ah yes, well technically I'm a burglar, although not deliberately. 7K may still be a bit far to hold a decent pace, but time will tell :o).

    Thanks for the other comments. Yes this is a bit new to me in regards to when to see training improvements. In the past I've always been working off a good solid base of mileage. This time around, I can't do the mileage as it triggers too much fatigue. Plus I am dealing with what must be an altered muscle physiology. Hence I will continue to focus on quality and see where it takes me.