Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As it turns out, I opted out of the Handicap on Sunday. My calf and achilles were both feeling just a bit dodgy and I was also feeling quite tired after my increased training efforts. With lots of rain I was concerned about the impact the handicap course could have on my right leg niggles. I'd rather 'give it my best shot' when I'm not nursing an injury. This sets me up for potentially a great start to 2012, when I can run that January event off my current handicap. In theory I should be even speedier by then.

As it turns out, the handicap had a very worthy winner of Jim White. Jim has run over 200 handicaps without ever winning a medal. It was great to finally see him 'break through'! Also good to see Roger win the bronze and to take out the Thomas Series point score for 2011. Roger has had a very consistent year and is a worthy winner of the point score. It was also good to see Katie score lots of loot for winning Queen of the Mountain, equal 1st in the Frylink point score and third in age%.

Jim White (centre), David Wallis (left) and Roger Pilkington (right)

Latest training:
Friday - an easy run with ~800m progression finish (7.2K total)
Saturday - tried to do an early run and really struggled, felt quite tired ~8K
Sunday - skipped the handicap and headed out for a PM 'long' trail run of 10.9K @~5:50min/K pace. Definitely feeling tired, glad to have not run the handicap
Monday - took a rest day
Tuesday - Intervals
4 x 400m 91, 89, 90, 91 - 2 min passive recovery between intervals
4 x 200m 42, 43, 42, 43 - 1 min passive recovery
4 x 100m 19, 19, 20, 20 - 30 sec passive recovery
With warm up and cool down total distance ~7K
The day off made all the difference, I felt good during the session. And no niggles to speak of.
It's also good to see me making progress by being able to do quicker intervals with each session.

Thursday at Track there is the 3000m and a 7 lap spiral. I don't have any plans other than to run by feel. If I feel strong I'll see what pace I can hold for the 3000m. I wonder if Ewen will be there to help push the pace in the 3000m? :o)

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  1. Yes, well deserved win by Jim. A great achievement as he puts in 100% effort at every handicap (every race in fact).

    I'm planning to race the 3000 (if there are no work disasters), but your speedy 400s are intimidating. Guess I'd try for 12:40 pace early so if you're quicker than that I won't be helping to push the pace!