Thursday, November 24, 2011

A name change .......

There has been a remarkable improvement after nearly 2 weeks of liquid iron supplementation (in addition to 1 month of iron tablets). All the muscular discomfort and fatigue I felt when running appear to have disappeared. That said, the sorbitol in the liquid iron supplement does not agree with my gut! I'm going back to tablets once I get through my supply of liquid iron!  I do still get tired, but in a more 'normal' feeling way than I have had to endure for the last 12 months or so. Yes, happy 1 year anniversary Mr Fatigue Monster, I'm sorry but this relationship seems to have finally reached its conclusion.

The track session in spikes last week has left my right calf feeling just a little suspicious. I suspect there are some microtears given the extent of the scarring from the injury in 2010. I'll steer clear of the spikes for a little while and allow the right gastocnemius time to heal and adapt.

Latest training:
Saturday - 10 x 100m hill repetitions in quite hot conditions. I completed them just fine. Total distance was 5.4K with the warm up and cool down.
Sunday - 10.4K trail run that ended up being @ 5:40 min/K pace with avHr of 138 bpm. Normally I have been averaging 6+ min/K on this loop. It was meant to be an easy run and indeed it was despite the increased pace. No muscle discomfort at all!
Monday - 8 x 400m repetitions. I was aiming for 6 @ 96 sec and then 2 @ 93 sec. Actual times were 99, 96, 94, 97, 96, 95, 92, 92. A bit better than the last time I did this session. I felt fine and did not suffer any fatigue :o). Total distance including warm up and cool down was 8.1K
Tuesday - an easy 5K that didn't feel so easy! No doubt the preceding few days left me feeling a bit tired & flat. A good thing Wed was a scheduled day off.
Wednesday - rest day.
Thursday - This track session confirmed that I am on the road to recovery. I knocked another 22 seconds off my 3000m time, managing to get that 13 min monkey off my back and finish in 12:50. I also ran in the 1500m hopeful of a sub 6 min. However, a sub 6 was not to be, I very much felt that 3000m in my legs on the last lap. Time was 6:07. I heard Ewen sitting right behind me the whole way. ET, I needed you to pass me and set the pace!! Based on the 3000m time I should be able to go under 6 min for the 1500m. I'll try and do one on fresh legs next time. I should mention the awesome Heidi Johnston who ran a PB for the 1500m in 5:14, she just flew! Well done Heids. It won't be long before she starts knocking on the 5 min door! The lovely Gary Bowen managed a speedy 5:12 after arriving thinking he was running an 800m. Great run Gaz.

The ACTVAC handicap is on Sunday. I'm on a good handicap at present. I will indeed give it my best shot!


  1. I like the new name. It'll be a happy irony when you start recording a slew of PBs. Would have loved to have helped out with the pace in the 15, but it was all I could do to hang on for 3 laps! I don't like sitters and sitting but I definitely wasn't doing that. If you hadn't been there, reckon I would have been 10 secs slower!

    Yes, fresh legs (no 3000) and you'd be around 5:50, maybe quicker next time as your form continues to improve. Hey, with your 400s, what recovery are you doing between them? Are they at Bruce? I want to start doing 400s - on the grass track if it ever stops raining.

  2. By the way, Rick has been using 'ULTIMATE NUTRITION'S desiccated liver with heamoglobin iron capsules' to overcome stomach problems with liquid iron.

  3. Oh yes the irony! We will see how it goes. I've been tired since that session on Thurs, so I need to not overdo it! I didn't think you were sitting, I thought you were waiting to change up a gear and go flying past! I think we both made ourselves run a bit quicker!

    400s are done on a marked out course on a bike path. My recoveries are 2 min of walking. I do them there as it is close to work and I can do the session at lunch time.

    Thanks for the heads up on the liver and haemoglobin capsules, they sound so appetizing. I do have some iron tablets that are specifically for treating iron deficiency. But I'll use up the liquid iron. Maybe think about those capsules for maintenance :o).

  4. It's always the close rivals that make you race faster. I might try and find a flat dirt trail as an alternative to the grass track for 400s if it's wet. 2 mins walking is what I had in mind when I get around to doing them.

    Yes, think those liver tablets would go down well with some fava beans and a nice chianti ;)