Friday, November 18, 2011

More heart required!

After taking Wed off as a well deserved rest day, I fronted up at track on Thursday armed with new spikes and the goal to run the 800m. I jogged 1600m as a warm up and then donned new spikes for several run throughs at intended pace (22sec/100m). The spikes felt good. Alas there was a delay in the start and I probably let myself cool down too much before the race. As is always the way, the seasoned 800m runners took off at a cracking pace and I quickly slotted into last place, where I remained for the whole race. It was a race of 2 groups, the super speedy ones at the front and then the three of us bringing up the rear. I did my best to hang with the other two, but couldn't really find my rhythm. However, I did manage to sneak in under 3 min @ 2:58. That's 8 sec quicker than the 800 I ran a few weeks back. As it turns out I really didn't run that hard as my HR only got up to the low 160s. When I'm really racing I manage 170+. This is what confuses me about my anaemia! I'd be expecting to see a high HR, but as it turns out I'm not able to get to my usual racing HR Hmmmmm?!

Today Fri, I headed out for a lap around LBG. The first time I've been able to run the central basin for quite some time as I've been wanting to keep the distances down to 5-6K. The little program I'm following called for a 5-7K run today, so I thought I may as well try 7K. It was quite warm and I was expecting it to be a bit of a struggle. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to run comfortably averaging 5:20K/min pace with HRav 138bpm. It could well be that 1) the change in training approach is working and 2) the iron supplements are starting to boost body iron and Hb levels. I haven't felt that good running in heat for a very long time!

I thought I had managed to run in spikes without much musculoskeletal impact. Alas when I cooled down from my lunch time run, the calves were a bit sore and tight and I suspect I did a bit of heel striking with my left foot as my heel is mildly sore. The scarred right calf is the sorest of the two, not surprising all things considered. I think it is more a DOMS thing.  I'll see how they feel over the weekend. Hill reps on Saturday and a 'long' run on Sunday.


  1. Yes, interesting about the low max HR in the race. You'd expect to hit near max HR in an 800. I had a low average/max and put it down to being tired/not recovered from Tuesday's race. Your Tues session was fairly hard, so maybe (in spite of the day off) you were still feeling the effects on Thursday? Anyway, promising signs with Friday's run - that's a good pace for an easy run!

  2. Yes ET, possibly tired. Although all of my efforts on the track so far have essentially been sub par on HR effort. I guess with it being around 12 months without any real ability to 'race' it may take the body a while to get back into the swing of things. I'm still a bit bamboozled by the HR/anaemia thing.