Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delusional .......?

I did end up running the Thomas series at the last ACTVAC handicap. Ouch, that was one tough course! Yes, trying to run well over 7K on a course like that and expect to be amongst the placings was indeed delusional! Once I got to the turn around I knew my race was run. This fatigue monster has me nervous and I'm wary of pushing my luck. Hence, I eased up on the way back and walked some of the hills. The positive that I can take out of this is that it was a similar pace as O'Connor Ridge where I didn't walk! Actually the numbers show me to be a bit fitter as average HR was 154 bpm and average pace was 5:30 min/km. Yes not an earth shattering pace, but it did include some walking.

That run probably knocked me around just a little bit as my easy jog on Monday felt a bit tough. The body felt weary. That said, as I am currently only doing very short recovery jogs, it's all quite manageable.  Those jogs get me out of the office and into some lovely sunshine, so the mental benefits out weigh the discomfort associated with the fatigue.

Today I repeated a session I did 2 weeks ago. 4 x 400m; 4 x 200m; 4 x 100m (total distance for the day was 8.5 km). When I was jogging to the start of the marked course I thought it was going to be a session cut short. However, once I pushed through the first 2 intervals, the body decided it could keep going. I wonder if the neural signals from pushing a bit hard override those nagging 'chronic fatigue' signals? Time will tell! Overall today's session felt productive. I also bumped into the dynamic duo of Katie Forestier and Amanda Walker out doing 5 x 400m. All I saw was Katie's dust and Amanda wasn't too far behind her, when I tagged along for one of those intervals. They are both inspiring, hard working runners!

Heidi, Katie and Ken - all inspirational runners warming up at the Arboretum pre-Frylink
I will see how things are feeling on Thursday and try a couple of events at the ACTVAC Track and Field meet. There's a 2K to start with and then a 3K at the end of the night. While I won't get ahead of myself, I remain hopeful that I'll be able to bump up my distances in the new year. Heck, depending on my new handicap, Weston Park may be a good one to go all out for a medal!

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