Friday, October 28, 2011

Still on track ......

It seems the fatigue monster is enjoying this new training approach and is keeping mostly in the background. It has only reared its head briefly during a 10K run last Sunday. This probably wasn't helped by the fact that it was quite warm. Those first few runs in the heat before the body develops some acclimatization can always be a bit challenging even for the normally fit. So it was no surprise that the 10K run was a bit of a struggle. It also exacerbated a slight niggle that has developed over my right ilial crest. It seems slow running is resulting in inadequate muscle recruitment.  I've had a couple of painful sessions at clinic 88 this week, including some 'dry needles' in the glutes, ouch!

This week I have continued with the shorter training sessions (except for Sunday) with 8 x 100m hill reps on Sunday and a couple of 'long' intervals (1600 and 1800m) on Tuesday at ~5K pace. Wednesday was an easy 5K run and Thursday was another go at a track and field meet. The 3000m didn't feel as cruisy as last week and was a few seconds slower. However, the 1600m I did later in the night as part of the Adler Spiral handicap felt remarkably comfortable. Nothing too dramatic, around 4:20/km pace, but it felt good. Just like last week, it was the 2nd run that felt the best. Maybe those first runs are shaking out some cobwebs?! I finished 2nd in the event on my chosen handicap, which was spot on in regards to min/km predicted pace. Alas, despite the accurate pace prediction, no doubt the handicapper won't be very forgiving for future events.

This Sunday is the ACTVAC handicap. Although I indicated I was going to switch over to the Frylink, given my recent reduction in fatigue, I will give the Thomas another go. If I am able to run as I have been at track, then I could finish high up in the placings. So it is worth just giving it a go even though trying to maintain a decent pace over 7km may still be beyond my means.


  1. You seem to be keeping things ticking over fairly well. I missed racing at the track this week. Not sure what to do next week - Vets or the 3000 Friday night? Also have the Spring Series starting Tuesday - enjoy those (usually).

  2. Hi Ewen. Yes we missed you at track this week. Mind you, it was rather chilly! A tough choice re Vets or the 3000m on Fri! I'll be sticking with Vets for now as running form is hard to predict. Today was a really tough 6km with that fatigue monster keeping me honest :-(. I'd love to do the Spring series, but not sure I can handle the 5K. I'm still not sure the Thomas is a good idea tomorrow. But I may as well give it another try.