Monday, October 17, 2011

So far so good .......

Today I went for a short easy run at lunch time and felt absolutely fabulous. Not unlike that day a little while back where I decided to do some hill reps. Of course, it could just be one of those random 'good' days that pop up now and and then. However, I hope it is in part to do with the change in my training regimen.

The summary of what I have done in the last week is as follows:
Sun 6 x 100 m hill reps with jog downhill recovery (~2 km warm up)
Mon 6 x 400m reps @ 1500m pace (I have no idea what that pace is and on grass it's darn hard to gauge) with 2 min passive recovery (1.2K warm up and 800m cool down).
Tues - easy run 5K
Wed - easy run 5K (body told me it needed another easy day)
Thurs - 6 x 200m reps @ 400m pace (once again no idea, just ran hard) with 1 min passive recovery between reps (1.5K warm up and similar cool down)
Fri - day off
Sat - gym session and a rule breaking 10K trial run (muscles really not happy about this!)
Sun - Compound 200/400/200 x 2 (pace really not easy to gauge) 4 min rec between reps (1.2K warm up and 800m cool down)
Mon - 5K easy, but glorious run :o)

The 10K was not planned, but with running as my therapy, I needed a full hour with my 'therapist'. 30 minutes is never enough to work through those 'issues'. It's hard to ignore long runs when I am a distance runner at heart. But it did make me tired and my muscles especially sore, so care needs to be taken. Clearly not too much harm was done based on the positive run today.

Training will continue along a similar line with short distances and upped intensity. If all feels okay I will run an 800m at the track on Thursday evening. I need to do some sort of time trial to help predict training paces. Still based on the Compound session in Sunday, it will be a slow and painful 800m!

I was going to post a photo but Blogger won't cooperate today. Oh well.


  1. That's a good mix of sessions. Agree that 10k is a good therapy length run - it's my favourite distance. Might run the 800 too - if I'm not too stuffed after the 3k.

  2. Thanks Ewen. To be honest, my favourite therapy length run is around 20km. I like being out there for a couple of hours. But yes, 10K is a good compromise when real distance is out of the question. A shame we didn't see you out there doing the 800m, but well done on the 5000m, it was good to see you running ahead while I was doing the 3000m.

  3. You ran a good double. I bailed on the 8 because I was keen to run a good 5000 - I've never been good at doubling. My time was a bit ordinary anyway. I'll run 8s and 15s, but want to get a few sessions of fast 200s in first.

  4. Thanks Ewen. Sometimes an earlier run can set me up well for the second run. Hard to predict with the underlying fatigue. I hope you get those fast 200s in soon. It will be good to see you out doing some middle distance events.