Monday, October 10, 2011

Plan B

My body is telling me that it simply isn't ready to be a long distance runner at the moment. It seems spacing out longish runs isn't enough to keep them going in my 'training'. I'm finding I'm not really recovering and so can't do much else. After much angst I must bite the bullet and walk away from long runs (anything over 8 km) for the next few months. I can generally handle 20-30 mins before the fatigue and pain become too unpleasant. I can also handle some short sharp intervals if I don't do much else with them. To not go totally insane, the new 'training' plan will be all short stuff with some hill reps and other reps for variety. I'll try the odd 800m (yuck!) and 1500m at the track and even more yuck! will switch to the Frylink Series at the monthly ACTVAC handicap. The good thing is that by going short, I can run more frequently, which means I get to go out at lunch time, the big bonus of living and working in Canberra. It's all about being adaptable. The down side is I can't eat as much when I'm not doing the miles, bummer! Ah well, let's see how long the body will accept Plan B until it forces me into a Plan C.


  1. Worth trying. The Frylink series is fun! And not as much queuing at the finish waiting for our names (!) and numbers to be recorded. If the intensity is up, short runs burn a surprising amount of calories... my weight hasn't gone up since dropping from 90 to 60k a week.

  2. Thanks Ewen. I don't think you would ever have much of an issue with weight! I've been tracking the calories burned and alas doesn't really make up for the miles. If I could manage 60k it would be okay, but I'm stuck in the 30-40 k zone at present. Good point about reduced time standing in line! That said, numbers would fix it for Thomas :o)

  3. I got up to 82 kg once (last century). I wasn't in the habit of weighing myself and was shocked when a girl I hadn't seen for a couple of years came to Canberra and said "gee you've put on weight." At the moment I'm around 75, but I was a scrawny 69/70 in my 30s. Go the numbers - less time in line means more coffee time ;)