Saturday, October 22, 2011

A night at the track

The fatigue monster has been hiding this week and I've been able to stick to a reasonable little training plan culminating in running a couple of events at the ACTVAC Track and Field Meet on Thursday. Tuesday included an interval session of 4 x 400m @ current 1500m pace, then 4 x 200m @ current 800m pace, then 4 x 100m @ sprint pace. As per previous sessions, I don't know any of my 'race' paces so those intervals were performed using RPE. It was a solid session that I was able to complete and still feel okay. Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday I headed over to track and had an unusual warm up that included racing around to various 'electrical shops' looking for a hot water urn to allow us to have tea and coffee available for runners at the end of the meet. I then squeezed in a couple of 100m run throughs at around 3 min/800m pace. As previously indicated, the plan was to run the 800m. I have only run one other 800m and so this really isn't an event that I 'get' or really have any innate ability for. The theory is to run it hard from the start and just hang on. That goes against my usual approach to running, and does not seem appropriate for someone trying to nurse a fatigued and anaemic body back into a bit of 'racing'. Hence, I ran a conservative 800m and was at the tail of the field until the last 300m where I managed to catch one runner and finish in 3:06. A respectable time all things considered. Plus I had plenty left in the tank at the end, so much so that I decided to try and run the 3000m as well. Track does that. you get caught up in it all!

The 3000m was only intended to be a 'jog' as I didn't want to push my luck. It was run totally by feel, all numbers ignored. In the end I just settled into a comfortable 'tempo' pace and counted down the laps. This was an awesome run because of the way the body felt. A comfortable cruise is how I'd describe it. Time ended up being 13:20, so that's 4:27/km pace. By previous track standards a massive PW, but by current body standards, a PB!

Here's hoping the momentum forward continues. Short sharp training will continue and now it may include runs at the track to keep it interesting.

I love this photo taken by Jim White at the last ACTVAC handicap.


  1. You had a good night! My 5000 was way less than a comfortable cruise. It hurt. I did have your 200 splits, but cleared them. 44+ 49+ 44+ 44+. It's rare to run a PB 800 with a negative split. Usually the first lap is a couple of seconds (or more) quicker than the second. I remember my ancient PB was 65/70 and I felt like I was sprinting the last 200 of that race! I think that's why 800s hurt so much and why I'm nervous about racing them.

    Hope the less fatigued weeks continue. Track is fun, and I think less demanding on the body once it becomes adjusted to the speed.

  2. Thanks Ewen. As I said, I'm not an 800m runner. My other 800m run was very much a negative split with my last 200m the fastest of all. I did 90 for the first 400m and then 87 for the next 400m. Going out hard from the gun isn't something I've adapted to! I was much more excited by the fact I could get around 3000m without the wheels falling off. I'd much rather do the slightly longer events than 800m. Yes track can be fun, so here's hoping the body continues to head in a positive direction :o).