Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My very first post :o)

I'm a recreational runner that developed a mild form of chronic fatigue at the start of 2011. By mild I mean it allows me to run slowly, but that's all it allows me to do. I'm not responding to training and if I try to up the ante, I am forced to back off. Very frustrating to say the least!

I thought I'd use this blog to track my progress. I've been trying to run 5 days a week, with 2 'hardish' sessions that include a short tempo run on Tuesdays and some intervals with the speedygeese on Thursdays. An 'aerobic' run and a 'long' run on the weekend. Plus short hill sprints on Mondays. After a shocking performance in the Canberra Times 5 km fun run on Sunday (PW by well over a minute), I realise that I am still over doing it :-(. I have been averaging 35-50 km/week, but clearly this is too much.

It is time to back right off and try to limit my runs to every other day (3-4 runs/week max) and to drop the intervals, as much as I love training with the gang or is that gaggle? :o). Lifting weights is not affected by my fatigue issues, so it will be lots of cross training to see if I can come out the other side of the fatigue monster.

Today's run was a 7 km lap from work to around the central basin of LBG and back. I rate the run as 2/3 where 3 is awesome and 1 is crappola! I may attempt a bit of tempo on Thursday if the body is agreeable.


  1. Welcome both to my world of fatigue! I am honoured you found the time to post a comment :o).

  2. I could rework my blog and call it "pain", just so I can use the line "welcome to my world of pain"!
    Your time-zone needs fine tuning. Just saying, but not saying at 4:08am.