Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today I donned my officials hat and officiated at the High Noon Track and Field Meet. It was a beautiful sunny Spring day, almost perfect conditions except for the wind. I watched my friends have a hit out with this the last of the "winter" series before the start of the official track and field season on October 13th. Heidi is such an inspiration and we have yet to see her at her best!

Bruce paced her in the 1500m event with her managing ~5:25. Pretty impressive for her very first run of the season. As I won't be racing any time soon, I can live vicariously through Heids as she blitzes it at the track!

I was also inspired by running friends who participated in the Sydney running festival today. Sydney decided to turn up the heat and conditions were tough for those running the half and full marathon. Despite this, there were some great times on what was a tough course.

I was so inspired by all these great runs that I headed out for my 'long' run around 5 pm. It was still in the  low 20's, although the wind had dropped. I pleasantly surprised myself managing a loop around both the ponds in Gungahlin for a total distance of 13.6 km in 1:25. Average pace 6:10/km; average HR 141. Rating the run as a 2/3. It's hard to come to terms with the massive drop in running pace. However, at least I am still able to go for 'longish' runs.

I will stick with 3 runs/week for the next few weeks and see how it feels. The 2 day break from Thursday to today certainly made a big difference!


  1. My 1500m goal for the season is to be entering the finish straight as Heidi is finishing.

    13.6k IS a long run ;) 16k last Saturday killed me.

  2. Hi Ewen, that's a good goal. I think mine will be not to be lapped b her!

    I don't think it's a long run until it's over 20K. But hey, each to their own :o).

  3. An hour of running is a long run if your race distance is 5k ;) Khalid Skah never ran for longer than an hour and he won Olympic gold at 10k. How he trained is rather scary though.