Thursday, September 15, 2011

Acquired training intolerance?

ATI was formerly known as fatigued athlete myopathic syndrome. A condition that affects older endurance athletes that have regularly done big mileage. I've never thought of myself as being particularly big on the mileage, but I have always found my body to be susceptible to fatigue and over doing the training. They say that training through a virus can trigger ATI. I did that last year in the lead up to the Christchurch marathon. Maybe I am now paying the price? It's very hard to figure out what could be going on. There is also the possibility that as I progress through perimenopause the hormone fluctuations are a contributing factor to underlying fatigue.

Those are the latest theories in a long standing problem with exercise-associated fatigue!

Today I contemplated a session with some tempo intervals; however, as soon as I headed out it was pretty clear the body wasn't up for it today. Last week had just a little too much intensity and that is no doubt a big factor in how tired the body is this week :-(. Ah well, it was a glorious sunny day to do an aerobic lap around LBG central basin.

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